New Player 2h Death Knight build critique

Hey everyone,

I’d like a critique on my new player friendly 2h Death Knight build. Everything used here is either A) Easily Farmable (Krieg’s set) or B) Craftable. I would love some suggestions before I post it to the Build Compendium.


Thanks everyone!

At the risk of sounding curt, I’m just going to be direct (my apologies!):

  1. I don’t see the value of the obsidian war cleaver.
  2. Wouldn’t belt of unchained might be better?
  3. What’s up with the medal?
  4. Your damage looks extremely divided between so many types (physical, aether, vitality, etc. etc. etc.)

All in all, it looks like you’re going for an aether DK build. And you’re going to be hard pressed to beat the ones already done with the krieg’s set.

If a physical DK is what you’re going for, a pretty simple one can be done using warborn + beronath reforged + gladiator’s distinction. This allows you to convert all that flat damage from soul harvest for some hefty spanking using cadence.

Hey, he did say his goal is to have easily farmable and faction items. So, I think this is good for a beginner build. Full krieg cause that juicy aether damage gets converted. Blitz is insignificant here. The only thing I’m not sure is the ring, but I don’t know better without looking at GT database. War cleaver is easier to get than mythical stonefist unless you’re that lucky.

All in all this is fine before you get the BiS items.

Oh snap. You’re absolutely right.

Forgot about the conversion from presence of might :rolleyes:

But the medal though? Wouldn’t mark of kalastor or sigil of the bear king be better?

Does craftable mean attainable? Empirically speaking, I have found more of above mentioned medals than I have blueprints.

Yeah, Sigil of the bear king is way better here. I thought overseer is a faction item. Craftable doesn’t mean easy to farm, especially if you already have most of the blueprints then that last few ones will be harder to farm than double rare MIs. Blueprint farming is now improved with ancient grove, though.