New player asking for a "Diablo 3" like build to use in Grim Dawn


I’m a new player coming from Diablo 3 to give this game a try and so far, I like it as it feels very rewarding. Have a quick question. In Diablo 3, I liked to play as a Jade Harvester Build so I’m thinking if a build exists in Grim Dawn that I can try to gear up for, please let me know.
Note: For those wondering what the Jade Harvester build does, please review this you tube video.

Diablo 3 2.7.2 Witch Doctor Build: Jade Harvester GR 118+ (Guide, Season 25) - YouTube

If you have any suggestions, please list the gear or better yet, use the grim tools build calculator. (include gear and skills to use)

Thank you in advance.

if you refer to the jade harvest effect of “consume dots” then no, no such thing exists
if you refer to a general “dot em up” build, there are some dot builds or plague spreaders, tho they are a bit more on the niche side of things or the dot is used in tandem with other regular skills/dmg

@GrimDawn2000 I’d try this one - has Siphon Souls, Bone/Soul Harvest, Devouring Swarm, Ravenous Earth so resembles Witch Doctor to some degree [] What We Do in the Shadows: 4:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 100, All Celestials vitality caster Ritualist by mad_lee [everything+]

And this one [ -] Dark One's Reborn: Vitality Caster Ritualist ( 4:30m Crucible, 5:33 Naked Ex, SR 100, Ravager of Flesh, Crate, Callagadra, Mogdrogen)

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i think there was a (less serious?) version using bloody pox too? :thinking:

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Yes, I wanted to give one too. Possibly with nasty Acid Ravenous Earth instead of the red one from builds I mentioned.

[] Bloody Beefy Pox (+fevered rage) Cabalist. Just a non serious fun build I wanted to share. <3 ?


only thing i could find was Dark One conjurer from mergos using pox and necrosis and stuff [] Bloody Madness! Fevered Rage Bloody Pox Conjurer. SR-80 & Gladiator 150-170
feel like i saw one that had both pox and omen, ie a cabalist
but maybe i imagined it/mixed it up with another


There is a mod called Grimarillion and it has D3 classes that were retooled for Grim Dawn. None of them seem all that great to me, but I am also under major Diablo fatigue so that could be why.

But if you just want to go legit no mod, Oathkeeper can throw a shield like the Crusader and spin to win like the Barbarian. Inquisitor could be a good Demon Hunter stand in. I’ve only messed around with it for a little bit, but it can use 2 one hander guns. It has seals that can act as traps. I’ve seen those used in videos.

I like the Grim Dawn Necromancer a tons better than the D3 one, still not the same as D2 thou. So there is that class. Arcanist is basically the Sorceress. I haven’t played with the actual damage dealing spells, but I do have it as my second class to my main for the buffs and passives.

I have no idea what Grim Dawn class or class combo could be like the Monk.

Thank you for the reply.
I’ll have to check these out.

There’s also a D3 mod for the game.

How much it changes them for GD I don’t know, but might be worth a look. These are the ones you’d find in Dawn of Masteries I think.

This looks great!
Thank you. I’ll have to check this out.

I just found that item. Again it’s via Grimarillion, but at least it has the set and the WD class.

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Try AAR (Albrecht’s Aether Ray) builds, they’re very newbie-friendly and spell itself is similar to a certain Wizard’s spell from Diablo3 (Disintegrate, if i remember correctly). Lightning-based AAR is the most newbie-friendly, probably.

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