New player confused on how to proceed with expansions


I find myself to be quite an intelligent experienced gamer. I am currently lvl 70 on my first proper GD character (have a 50 from years ago before AoM but forgot completely how the game worked!).

I have both expansions and finished AoM on Norm/Vet. I have no idea if I should play Elite/Ultimate or FG first? I have googled this exact question others have asked but I haven’t really got a clear cut answer for myself personally.

I have a Storm/Electrical build on my Vindicator (Sha+Inq). I died a fair few times in the first few acts getting use to the game but by the time I was in my 50s and into AoM I created a very strong build that now eases through Norm/Vet. I finished the game, skipped FG for the time being and just started in Elite. The mobs are mid 60s in Act 1 and I am breezing through easier then AoM on Norm/Vet.

I am worried if I do FG on Norm, I will completely outlevel Elite and be bored until Ult. I am also worried if I do Elite before Norm FG I will miss out on a lot of faction rep. I have never played FG so I don’t really get how this whole thing works so I probably should of play it on normal? I don’t know. I want the best gaming experience possible without being overlevelled in zones and getting bored so I thought if FG /Ult scales I should just play FG when I get to Ultimate as my first character?

Also, keen to see the FG content without making a new character and overlevelling my main for the main game experience. So dunnnno lol :smiley: Help me please with some rad advice that doesn’t beat around the bush too much!

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I don’t think anyone can give you a clear cut answer since everyone plays differently. All the game areas scale to a great extent, but I think either way would mean you might be a bit overlevelled. Both AoM and FG upped the difficulty a bit from base game and also if you’ve been playing Vet most of the time that has increased mobs/hero spawns plus an extra 10% XP on top. So really the choice is yours to either go FG on Normal or skip it and stay in Elite. Also bear in mind there’s nothing to stop you from leaving FG in Normal and going back into Elite main game if you want to. The expansion is entirely optional as is AoM. You have free choice of when or if you do them.

To get out of the FG faction rep situation you can quickly dive into FG by talking to the Emissary - he appears at all the major hubs - and then going through the portal. Do his first quest and then choose which faction you want to ally with. This won’t make you hostile with the other two; unlike the Kymon/Order situation you earn rep with all 3 no matter who you choose to ally with. However, I’m not sure you earn much rep for them in the areas outside of FG.

Edit: Forgot to add if you do the start of FG that’ll allow you to access the movement runes which are placed on medals. You might want to try them if you like that sort of thing.

They sell basic ones, but you can find blueprints for others as you level up and progress through the difficulties.

If your resistances are in a good place, then you can move up a difficulty without too many problems usually. Higher difficulties will get you more experience faster but are harder to compensate. There is also reputation to consider - completing Forgotten Gods where you’re at will give you a headstart on building rep with the Witch God cults.

If you do move up a difficulty, rough guidelines I follow on resistances are that I want al of them around the 40-60% area minimum going into Elite and by the end they should either be capped or around 60-80%. Some good green gear with 1-2 chunks of resistances and ideally a damage bonus to Lightning/Elemental for your character are what you should be watching out. If you manage to hit Level 65 before then, the expansion factions each have a quartermaster that offer superb head/shoulder/chest gear for this point of the game at Respected so easy to pick up after you do a couple of sidequests…

If you can’t get all of your resistances up to adequate levels, then just focus on whichever ones are most important for whatever area you are going into.

You won’t outlevel Elite. The level ranges on the vast number of areas are pretty wide. They don’t extend all the way up to 100 but come very close in a couple of end game areas.

Unless you absolutely grind out for levels in Normal/Veteran, I don’t see anyone outlevelling the first few areas at least.

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Well, not all of Elite. If you complete FG on Normal, then the Elite will catch up with you in act 3.

Thanks guys, so when I posted this I was half way into Act 1 on Elite. I just finished Act 1 on Elite in a breeze though Krieg nearly got me, but he didnt! with the amount of damage output so I guess it will catch up to me. I plan to go back to Norm/Vet and do FG now before going further in Elite. Really want to sus the new content too lol. Oasis’s, sands, temples are my thing!

Didn’t realise you can jump back and forth once u finished a difficulty so I guess I can just wing it however I like! This game is so much fun and provides a great challenge in terms of customization. Options are endless though getting better gear than what I have is proving to be more difficult as I progress. Need those lightning buffs with resistances which don’t drop as often as I would like! haha.

ATM Im level 72, On normal my resistances are all 55+ besides stun and aether which are just above 40 and wasn’t a problem in Act 1 Elite.

So fun!!!