New player, Dervish -vs- Shieldbreaker

How do you know what drops are rare and which are common? Is there a list/table somewhere or is it just first handbag experience?

Legendaries are more rare than Epics.
Double rare affix greens are more rare then legendaries.
Epics slightly more rare than single rare affix greens

Faction items are guaranteed items, you just need high reputation with faction to buy them.

Its pretty common knowledge, also you can read about this in the game guide (when it gets back up) + I have 2k hours in the game.

I understand the whole white>yellow>green>blue>purple thing.

I also understand that some rare MI’s are better than some legendary items. I believe that those double rare affixes you mentioned references the naming convention of items: prefix-name-affix. And I understand that some are rarer than others, hence your mention of double rare. I don’t know which affixes are the rare ones (except of kings) but that is not related to my query.

What I wanted to know, and I apologise if I was not clear about it, is this: do all legendary items have the same drop chance? (Just to be clear, I am asking about random drops, not legendary items that can be target farmed, like Krieg set.) I assume that the chance to get a certain legendary item varies, depending on the item. Meaning that some legendary items are rarer than others. If that is the case, is there some way to know if a certain item is rare?

I hope I was clear this time.

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There are some legendary MI items like Alkamos rings,which are pretty rare,but they are few in numbers.

Non MI legendary have absolutely random drops,but they don’t have different chances to drop,it’s all about luck.

I think jewelry (rings, amulets, medals) are a bit rarer than weapons and armors.
Also remember that with set transmutation and that most sets have helm blueprint, you can hope to get that bp and then just craft and transmute.

So compared to other suitable weapons for a spin2win shieldbreaker, Mythical infernal brimstone is neither some super rare MI nor a MI like Sharzhul mace - it is a pretty common item