New player, help?

I’ve gotta say, this game is a blast, but I’ve fallen into my noob syndrome with ARPG’s when I’m new to them. I haven’t completed the game yet, but I have several hours in it. I always keep restarting because I like certain ideas, like dual pistol build, etc. Is there any general tips for a noobo like me? Also on a side question, is there anywhere to see the abilities for classes? Like what exactly they do, some abilities seem a bit confusing with the description to me, and it’d be nice to have a visual of what some talents/skill points will do, instead of spending a point on it. Thanks guys!


Games like these do tend to make you indecisive as to what class you want to play because you want to try all the skills and abilities but you never have enough points to spend.

Basically just pick a build and stick to it even though you’re itching to try other builds. End game gear can play a tremendous role in making a build work and if you’re constantly restarting you miss a big part of your character’s potential.

Grim Calc is a great tool to plan out your builds. It will give you a description on the skills too.

I also suggest following one of the many build guides available
here as it will provide you with a solid idea of what you need to do.

Other than that I guess just read up on skills and classes so you know what to expect.

It’s cheap to refund skill points. If you just don’t like it, or find that the skill conflicts(max blade arc + max laceration = “Where did my energy go?”) you can refund them for 25 iron a point at the spiritualist(north corner of the Devil’s crossing prison, far left NPC in crucible). You cannot take back stat points or class level spending though.

General tips: Do not sleep on mods. Serrated spines(and if you have them, vicious spines) greatly benefit lowbies if you can spare the reserved energy. The item granted auras add large amounts of damage(as opposed to adding +% of a damage type, which is less important when you don’t have tons of damage to increase) to attacks. Vicious spines has a better aura, but it can coexist with serrated to give TWO piercing auras, excellent for any character that uses a default weapon attack(serrated on off hand, vicious on main hand, activate both auras.)

Offense Ability/Defensive Ability are more important than you think. If you don’t spend heavily on cunning while leveling, you WILL want OA on your gear and in your devotions. DA is more marginal, demanding you keep it to a level where you don’t get repeatedly critted.

For weapon attacks/skills, attack speed is important. “Slow” and “fast” are misleading. A very slow weapon might be -.18 attack speed from baseline. Average might be -.12. Fast might be -.06. Very fast might be -.02. +1% attack speed is .01. So getting a +13% attack speed from gear makes an average weapon as fast as a very fast weapon, or a very slow weapon equivalent to a fast weapon

I haven’t read of a class yet that needs to spend heavily in cunning. Usually you need physique for most builds with maybe some spirit or cunning thrown in depending on the build - spirit for casters, cunning for melee. But if you look at some of the builds in the Build Compendium they go all physique as they get enough of the other two attributes simply from maxing out the masteries.

This is exactly the info I’ve been needing. I’ve been stuck with the same yellow 1-H axe with average attack speed. I’m occasionally seeing a slow weapon with +atkspd% but have not known how much I need to “overpower” my current weapon.

If Crate really wants to do something, they can fix the tooltips that compare weapons. They bred this system and I believe the tooltips should be robust enough to reflect what is actually happen.

Physical/bleed/pierce builds use cunning.

If you don’t spend heavily on cunning while leveling”

That means you need OA from somewhere. If you don’t get it from cunning, prioritize getting it elsewhere.

The tooltip does take that into account. It also takes into account conversions such as “convert 10% of physical damage into fire damage” when it is on the weapon or “25% armor piercing”(convert 25% of the physical damage into piercing damage). What it doesn’t take into account is the mobs themselves(resistance debuffs affect the mob, not the weapon), or effects that buff you but aren’t currently active(an aura that increases attack speed but isn’t on, or a 33% chance on hit attack speed buff for example).

If you have +13% attack speed on the gloves you are currently wearing, yes, that is included in the tooltip.