New player here, any veterans able to comment on the builds I've thought of using for my first time?

Just wondering how viable these builds are for a normal/veteran run and which skills would want to be maxed and which ones would want to be left at 1 point. Both builds are nearing level 30 so at this point I really want to stick with one for the rest of the game.

Poison Occultist/Arcanist

Using the bat and necromancer devotions.

Dual Pistol Lightning/Fire Inquisitor/Demo

Gunna go with some defensive devotions as well as the Ultos skill to lower elemental resistances.

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No! I’m just a noob who had to meet his 3 post requirement lol. I’m so noob that I didn’t know how to contribute to a conversation so I just thought the googly eye emoji would work lol

Bump for one more shot at some feedback.


I’d be more inclined to go to explore that Inq/Demo idea than the other.

Before the expansion, I had heard that DEE Warlock isn’t bad but Conjurer does it better and that Witch Hunter does transmuted DEE better. No idea now with the new gear and options but I surmise the same still holds.

That said though, your choices for skills/abilities look fine all around with a few exceptions. I’m not sure if you’de have the points for Bloody Pox and Dreeg’s Evil Eye but you can try regardless. I’de also put a point into Nullification, Arcane Will and Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange on the Arcanist side and maximise Elemental Balance for a good chunk of free % Crit Damage.

For your Purifier, i’de swap from Aura of Conviction to Aura of Censure and consider Flashbang and Thermite Mines for support. Similarly again, I have a hunch that both the Fire Strike line, Mortar Trap line and ranged WPS might be a bit too point hungry but try and fit everything if you can.

In terms of Aura of Censure, doesn’t that only effect enemies in melee range? How does aura of censure compare to the demo’s vindictive flame in terms of damage and utility?