New player here, can you recommend build for me?

I chose occultist/shaman(conjurer) and currently leveling with wind devil/storm totem and its fine(+40lvl).

Im completly new, so still dunno much about the game still. Can you recommend build for conjurer that i can enjoy and can work with 0 gear investment?

Pets, vitality caster, primal strike or maybe 2H savagery. Plenty of options, really.

Have a look in the Build Compendium to see what’s possible. There are a lot of options for a Conjurer.

yea but i saw the compendium but got discouraged a bit because of all the items i saw there…

There are several beginner builds in that section of the forum, including a pet Conjurer that Maya wrote. All beginner builds are aimed at easy to obtain gear, levelling suggestions and devotion paths to take.

Dark One is your endgame. This set is target farmable and you can get it in a few hours or less (search for “Lokarr quest”). Other items can be gotten easily once you get in Crucible farming shape which - once you get Dark One - is more than possible with faction gear and random non-BiS drops. It’s a vitality caster, currently one of the strongest builds in the game, able to clear all content with no exceptions.

Search “conjurer of the dark arts” - a Mad Lee build, top quality.

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Completely agree. Dark one set is way to go.

I am also suggesting to farm SR75-76 on Normal/Elite (if you can handle it) - It will get you rest of the gear you want/need

I think DMT’s, nery’s, and mine are worth mentioning too :stuck_out_tongue:

Only danger in getting Dark One set is while hardcore, thanks to the rocks in the secret area.

after all i decided to try pets, not sure if its good idea or not(dropped schematic for set helmet for pets). lvl 70 atm, just switched from lightning, dont have a lot of gear still but i want to farm bismel rep now for weapon schematic and then propably will be much better

He’s got a conjurer already.

okay lets say i want to farm this dark one set(im progressing elite now), should i farm it first at veteran and then another one one elite? or try to do this at elite even if it can be super hard?

The area is only accessible on Ultimate.

so what would be easy to play without nessesary items untill then? i was playing wind devil + storm totem + pet but it felt weak at times

Playing a conjurer, going Vitality without pets (e.g. Vitality Totems + Devouring Swarm + Doom Bolt or whatever people use to level) is the current “conventional wisdom”.

Otherwise, double down on pets, maxed bird base skill, decent bird aura and bird attack spell, nothing in mend flesh, and maxed briarthorn with briarthorn aura would be my way to go. It’ll give a massive amount of durability to your pets (Aspect of the Guardian 12/12 and Emboldening Presence) and you.