New player here, I have couple of questions

Hi, just bought GD 3 days ago (as well as steam loyalist upgrade I might add), have couple of questions.

  1. Does this game have online chat, like in POE or D3? Are there chat rooms or something like that.

  2. Is there trading in GD? How does that work? Do I invite someone in party, or …

  3. If there is trading, is game balanced around that (meaning to get certain item, it is expected from player to get it through trading (like in POE )), or basically you can farm anything, no need for trading

  4. When trading, do we trade items only, or is there any kind of currency, maybe we can trade iron bits, or any kind of crating material)?

Grim Dawn is primarily a single-player game with optional multiplayer functionality, so with that said:

  1. No.

  2. Yes. If someone joins your game in multiplayer, or you join their game, if you are next to their character you can right-click their icon on the left side of the screen and select “trade”. If the other person accepts, it will open the trade window.

  3. The game is not balanced around trading… but since loot is not biased towards any class in any way, it can sometimes be difficult to complete a set on your own. If you grind enough you can do it, but trading in multiplayer can be helpful.

  4. What you trade depends entirely on what you and the other party agree to.

There are some trading threads on this forum if you are looking to get started.

No Online Chat the game is mostly a single player game with a MP mode were you join the game (there is obviously chat in-game but it is limited to that)

Trade Window in-game (2 people in the same game, near each other right click and pick trade)

It is hard getting everything but it can be done. I personally did some trade to make my first character stronger faster and since I did pick a character that can both play Crucible and kill any Nemesis I’m able to farm everything in the game and the drop are nice. Most of my stuff is self-found but having an option to trade something you have multiple copies for something you don’t can always be usefull.

Rare Mats are quite often something considered as a currency (That translate to Hearth - Brain - Blood and in lesser value Seal - Scrap. Some component are also valuable)
The Rare Mats can be gambled for an item (8 Rare Mats for an item) so people often trade an unwanted item (or a bad roll) for 8 mats to have a chance to gamble once more.