New player in need of some guides


i am accustomed with arpg diablo 2 and 3.i love this game for the sheer complexity and i love that i have to study everything in detail for a character.that being said i have this game for 1 wk and i have 3 chars.i made ocultist with nightblade(i had no idea and still have no idea what it means or how it works) a shaman(find it really easy no second spec just so i cant make a mistake) and now a pyro just to see how guns work.The question i need an answer: what should i play and how should i play it to get the grasp of the game.i;'m really overwhelmed oh how many things there are here and what i should be going for so i;m thinking of just playing to a certain point until i can understand what people are saying on forums and set up my own guidelines and how i want to make a build.
i am asking this because i now know that you have to make a plan for you char before playing and i can;t seem to do one :smiley:
sorry if its a stupid thing to ask but i do not know how to express it better and i cant figure it out by myself

p.s: i am thinking of making a pure solider with a shield i like the ideea of sword and board

Then do it. I would advise against going with a guide at the beginning because you still truely aren’t understanding what you’re doing right and wrong. Pick something you think sounds cool and try to make it work as far as you can until it just isn’t viable any more, then come back, ask for advice and if your build sucks then ditch it. By that time you’ll have a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t as well a bunch of new idea’s.

This has recently happened to me, made my own build and got all the way to Ultimate but I don’t think it can make it all the way so I’m starting again, the experiance has taught me way more than following a build would ever have though.

thanks for the reply,i did just i have a solider lvl 13 killing slow but with style :).i will post ‘my build so far’ and a question reguarding what stats i should be going for i am having trouble figuring out what is better to far as i can figure stacking physical damage armor and raw dps(as in better weapon and shield) putting points in physique and cunning and thats about it

i am using forcewave and blitz as my main abilities with ovegurad to make me basicly invincible for bosses or rough situations and slam from chipped claw for single target dps.
so what am i doing wrong and what should i be aiming for.i really like the feel of charging and bashing everything even if its slow.oh and if its anything i can do regarding the energy( i am chugging elixirs like a mad man)

here is the link they didnt let me post it