New Player looking for advice

So I am brand new to the game and was wondering if I could get some advice. I started a soldier and have made it to lvl 10. I do like a straight up melee style. What subclass should I get? What skills should I focus on? What things should I be saving for later in the game? Any other advice will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

It depends on what skills you want to use, what type of damage you want to deal etc… There’s a lot of ways you could go from where you’re at.

I’d recommend trying out Soldier’s skills (Cadence, Blade Arc, Forcewave) and looking at the Build Compendium to see if anything strikes you as fun/interesting, many builds have videos you can watch to see what they play like.

Otherwise, if you want a good first character for beginners, I would have a look at Chthon’s Sword and Board Pierce Blademaster.

Edit: Actually, it’s worth asking as well but do you have the expansion or not?

Pick up necromancy as the 2nd mastery. Since this is your first character, the Krieg set for your Death Knight is by far the easiest to farm. (Most legendary items are random drops; the Krieg pieces drop from specific mobs with a reasonable rate.) You can do this at the end of elite. (You will have to be level 90+ for the items to drop though; just proceed through ultimate and go back to elite once you’re high enough.)

If you don’t get a Mythical Mindwarp by the time you get the set, you can rely on the Heart of Theodin Marcell item that can be farmed together with the Krieg armor.

Here’s a build that I think is by far the most newbie-friendly:

Necro as second (Deathknight) makes prolly one of the easiest leveling builds by both beign easy to use (Ravenous Earth, Siphons Souls, Overguard and Spectral Binding&Wrath) gets you far.
W/out AoM Druid equals for a damn tanky build, though full retalitation warder has it’s issues with ranged mobs, but it’s easy to use and tanky.

In case you don’t already know, here are some very useful guides for new players:
New Player Knowledge Compendium
Hardcore Survival Guide (just as relevant for normal characters as Hardcore, don’t worry about the name)
Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing

Regarding your specific question, soldier+anything is good. My first character is a commando (sword and board, Cadence, very tanky), second character is a warder (2-hander, lightning/electrocute, also very tough thanks to Wendigo Totem). I’ve read that Witchblades are also highly regarded as a starter character.

Skills - the rule of thumb is to spend skill points each level by putting two into a mastery bar and one into an important skill, typically your main attack. It’s easy to spread yourself too thin, so try to stay focused. :slight_smile: A few early points on other skills are fine though - one in Blitz gives you a great movement skill, 4-ish points in Menhir’s Will is great for survivability.

I do not have the expansion yet. Thought I would play for a bit before investing more. Thanks for the answer, the links, and the advice guys. Will try some things before I post again.