New player looking for help with building a character

Hey everyone,

Noob player here looking for help to find a good starter build(expansion included). I pretty much know nothing about the game, so every bit of help in the right direction is appreciated.

I don’t want to come across as lazy, as i realize there are a lot of builds out there on the forum for me to check, but my lack of knowledge about the game makes really understanding the core of them hard. Also with the expansion, these builds may be outdated and or changed.

Some of my preferences that might help you help me:

  • New player, so starting gear should not be too harsh to get for the build.
  • Not extremely heavy on energy management. Hate going “oom”.
  • Good scaling. I hate not being able to do stuff at a decent rate as i progress
  • Only playing type i dislike is summoner/pets etc. Other than that im fine with any sort of damage type and caster/melee/ranged.
  • Somewhat tanky/forgiving as i’m new to the game mechanics. Not new to ARPG’s tho, so i am familiar with basic concepts like kiting etc.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a build and/or thread that fits these points, i would greatly appreciate it. Meanwhile i will keep checking the forums for more information about gameplay and builds. Can’t have you do all the work for me after all.



Retaliation build. You’ll never die (in greens no less!) and will destroy everything around you.

Boring though.

Will check it out although the name would indeed imply a boring style to me. Thanks for the input.


I think there are two main ways of cracking your problem.

  1. Check the build compendiums;
  2. Search YouTube / Twitch for build videos to see what you think looks like fun.

FYI the meta right now still seems to favour sword and shield for melee characters (especially the top-tier builds) and for a dependable tanky character it’s a good pick.

I think both the Witchblade and Commando offer the right trade-off between reasonable equipment demands and interesting skills / gameplay (for example, your WB will use either acid / DEE or de-buffs, the Commando flash bangs as de-buffs and Blackwater cocktails for crowd control).