New Player Mod Help

Hello, I just downloaded the good looking mod. I disabled cloud and moved my saves to my documents. I launch the game and when I can see my character but when I select the custom game option, my character disappears. If I unselect custom game, the character becomes playable again. Only had the game a week and thought the mod would be nice to have but enabling it makes the character unavailable. Any ideas? Google search turns up two topics that are unrelated to my problem. Thanks.

Custom campaigns are separated from the main game. Any mod counts as a custom campagin. However you can use your main save in custom campaigns (at no guarantee that your character will not become corrupted! Make backups!).

Try the forum search next time. :slight_smile:

I did look at that link and did that before I posted. I copied the folder to the wrong spot but fixed it now. Now my problem seems to be that I`m not even sure if the mod is working. The author mentions there is supposed to be a lootable body near the bridge in the starting town and there is nothing there.