New Player needs help

Hi, I’m a D3 refugee looking for leveling advice. So far I have a level 27 Soldier. I prefer melee. I’ve searched through the forums and the new player knowledge guides are really nice but don’t really tell me how to get there (the completer build) from here (level 27 newbie). From what I read it seems like I want to go Warlord.

Is there a step by step guide for leveling Warlord from scratch that shows how to best deploy attributes, skill points and devotion points as I level, or should I just continue roaming around the map leveling however it goes and worry more about builds and so forth when I get to end game?

For any soldier class combo i prefer to just level with Forceweave -> Tremor all the way to level 94 and then respec as needed. You can begin to get good gear for sword and board playstyle at 84 but it will be slower overall in my experience.

Welcome to the forum! Both of you :slight_smile:

I would suggest you roam a bit, experiment and fail. It is the best way to learn the mechanics. Reseting skills and devotions are easy and cheap in this game but you can’t undo your class choices. Before taking granted to Warlord, I suggest you wait around a bit more because you might also choose Warder, Blademaster or Commando too. But ‘‘Melee’’ is a big spot. Are you going to use 2H melee weapons or one hand with shield? Or maybe dual wield? Without second class you have still a few damage options. If you’re going to focus on physical/trauma damage then go warlord or commando, if you want dual wield you can go blademaster, if you want bleeding or lightning damage you can go warder. Before deciding watch some videos of builds and of skill animations. Btw most of the melee skills are working with attack speed but forcewave is based cast speed notice that.

thanks! I current have blitz and forcewave/tremor so i guess that’s it.

I was a Whirlwind Barb in D3 if that means anything to you. I’m not that big on S&B but either DW or 2H is fine.

I have never played D3, if you’re going to play with 2h melee warlord, here is my build, you examine the stats, devotions, etc. I haven’t opened a thread for it because still testing it but it can go beyond main campaign so, atleast you can get some ideas.

Thanks for sharing your build :slight_smile:

Also never played D3 for more than a minute. There are some exquisite nuances to how damage / armor/ resistance are calculated in this game - for instance some of the hightest dps builds in the game are based solely on retaliation damage. However I would second the notion that your first playthrough should be pretty virgin for the experience alone (like any new game.) Once you’ve gotten a feel for how a build might be optimized you can refer here for other ideas – Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods).