New player question about DPS

Hey guys I just had a question about the target dummies in the ultimate difficulty at level 100. How long should it take to kill one of those target dummies? What kill time would be considered really good dps?


As far as I know those cannot be “killed” or let’s say destroyed rather. I think they are actually invunerable and are only for reference for you to see the dmg you deal, but you cannot really destroy them.

I could be wrong tho, at least that’s what I always thought.

^by dummy time people mean when its health resets back to full.

I’d say top is below 20s, and 40s being a good time to aim for on an endgame build and kills most things very quickly.
Anything in between is luxury, and above 50s means it’s on the slower side.

Check this out.

Dummy reset times are a common form of testing how certain modifications impact DPS output of a build. I don’t entirely agree they can serve as a comparative measure of DPS across different builds, however. Elemental builds have a slight advantage here while pierce builds tend to boast slower dummy resets but it doesn’t necessarily mean those exact pierce builds will clear crucible or main game more slowly than those elemental ones.