new player to grim dawn, need build help

hello grim dawn

I’m a new player coming from D2/D3/POE background, and since poe is currently dead (waiting for 3.0) i’ve decided to take up grim dawn and was a tad bit confused/overwhelmed with the system (the types of resistances beside fire/lightning/cold/chaos).

I’m currently playing single player (GOG) and wanted to know any helpful suggestion with a first time friendly build.


Hello Pichapie and welcome to Grim Dawn!

First time build advice is a pretty common question and there’s no one ‘right’ answer. It really depends on what you’re trying to do with the build. Most combinations are doable, and the same class combo can mean many different things.

That said, many builds are gear dependent. If a build relies on conversion, unique skills, or the interactions of many special abilities, it often is better to save that idea for when you have a good stash of blues and purples to draw upon and maybe even some double rare greens.

I would recommend you try elementalist or warder as your starting class. Elementalist is highly flexible and has access to a very versatile default attack, fire strike, as well as good survival skills in blast shield and flashbang and some very good auras. Warder is very straightforward and easy to understand. You hit things, they die. Warder has potentially the most HP of any class combo as well, making it harder to die to noob mistakes.

Resists are very easy once you understand that all damage is classified by a Damage type or a DoT type. You simply take x% less damage from the opposed damage and/or DoT type for that resist.

Physical/Internal Trauma = physical resist (also armor but that functions differently)
pierce = piercing resist
bleed = bleeding resist

Fire/Burn = fire resist
Ice/Frostburn = ice resist
Lightning/Electrocute = lightning resist
Acid/Poison = acid&poison resist
vitality/vitality decay = vitality resist
aether = aether resist
chaos = chaos resist

As you can see, some damage types are rolled in with a DoT such as burn for fire, poison for acid, etc. Some are not, such as Aether and Pierce.

I second the suggestion for Fire Strike. Start with Demolitionist and focus on that as long as possible, and it will make gearing easier. Fire Strike can focus on a wide range of damage types and combinations, so you can use whatever you pick up, and some faction gear. If you trip across a good legendary or epic, then you will still be free to switch to that style. Focusing Demolitionist alone can usually get you at least through Normal, if not further.

thank you very much for the replies.