New player

I was browsing around Youtube a few days ago and I got a notification from one of my suscribed channels so I clicked over to watch. It was Quin from Diablo3 reviewing some Korean ARPG. The game didn’t fit my style, but in the comments or off to the side I can’t really remember… something grabbed my attention and it was a review of Grim Dawn. I watched it and it immediately got my interest peaked, but I was concerned it was just another Diablo 2 wannabe that didn’t really hit the spot. I did a little bit of research through forums and stuff to see what the players were saying and saw nothing but raving reviews so I plunged in head first.

This is the game I’ve been searching for. No pressure to be online all the time… (I’m married with kids now) There’s a pause button… It captures almost everything I hoped for with D3 and then some! This game is super deep and so customizable. I’m enjoying playing through vanilla and I’ll be purchasing the other DLC asap.

Just a note to say hello to the community and thank you to the devs.

Welcome to the Forum and Grim Dawn!

/ long time Diablo 2 and 3 player

Welcome to the dream ARPG! You must buy the dlcs asap otherwise you will be missing out on a paladin class. Expansion is almost upon us!

Welcome again and have fun! Best decision by the way

Welcome to the fold… most of us have been enjoying the game for a number of years now so it’s always nice to see someone new that ‘gets it’ :wink:

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile: It’s a good time to be getting into it as there’s a second expansion on the way due some time in the 1st quarter of 2019. You can read more about it in the various Development Updates here on the forum, starting with #133.

I guess you didn´t find the “Quitting GD over droprates” thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. :smiley:

Welcome. As Powbam said it’s some years we are around, we kinda know each other and i can tell you without a doubt that probably is not the best idea to jump between this bunch of weirdos.

we kinda know each other and i can tell you without a doubt that probably is not the best idea to jump between this bunch of weirdos.

Just registered on here because of this reply. HAI GUYS! A little about me… I spend to much time in my inventory. That’s about it. Yay!

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: We don’t care how much time you spend in your inventory. We’ll take anyone here. :wink:

what’s wrong with you?

Hey, at least he’s not like powbam and hanging out in Zantai’s zentai closet. :smiley:

Welcome! I’m a new player too although I’ve been playing for a few weeks now. I am still BIG NOOB ^^ The pause feature is awesome! I can pause and go to work and then come home and not have to start up again LOL. I’m so glad my husband found this game on Steam! It’s been amazing trip so far. Glad to meet you.

New to game myself. I post on the discord mostly but I am absolutely in love with this game!!!

It’s a pretty bad time to be a new player. Item dependency over the years (gear’s weight in overall build) went up and up, closer and closer to d3 over the years. And until Forgotten Gods hits the shelves, hunting for a specific set will be a crapshoot. :confused: