New skill modifiers - let's add screenshots

Here are some of them:

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full conversion to DEE added:




Mythical Aldanar’s Vanity: added modifiers for Ascension

Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn: added +3 to Divine Mandate and modifiers for it

Korvan Burning Halberd: added modifiers for Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange

Riftclaw Slicer: replaced bonus to Bone Harvest with +2 to Soul Harvest. Increased Fire damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 66 and added modifiers for Spectral Binding.

Mythical Oathbearer: added % Bleed damage and added modifiers for Aura of Conviction

Nightclaw: replaced Blade Arc support with +3 to Cadence, +3 to Aura of Conviction and skill modifiers for Cadence and Aura of Conviction


lol, grimleaks?

Edit: LoL just saw Z’s threads…

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Edge of Death & Ravager’s Bite changes look fantastic. :+1:

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I am trying to understand what Guardian of Death Gates is supposed to be…
Pet Death Knight? Non pet Death Knight with no attack speed on 2h??? Maybe a witchblade :open_mouth:

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Did the patch add any modifier with phys>lightning for Savagery ?

It did not.

I’d still love it if the pet conversion was inverted to Vitality->Physical and the Vitality modifiers to Field Command were swapped over to Physical to give pet Death Knight more of a niche. But at the same time, that would suddenly destroy a ton of people’s builds around it so it’s not gonna happen. There’d sooner be a second weapon that supports that direction ala Rancor/Spite or Pack of Treacherous/Deadly Means than Death’s Gate getting reworked after it’s been a Vitality pet item for so long I imagine.

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We need moar screenshots on new mods :nerd_face:

:crate: hasn’t uploaded a new build to Steam yet.

Oh, I see; sorry for the rush but it’s exciting :rofl:

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Thanks a lot! Damn, I was expecting %50 chaos>fire conversion on WoR to Kilrian Skullbreaker. But some of these are very cool, I’m almost willing to join playtesting but I don’t want to spoil the testing area by not doing CR or not pushing the characters to their limits.

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Coerced Wraith: added modifiers for Grenado

Seems like it didn’t go through


Does anybody know if Bloodlord’s blade got some additional modifiers? I’m still on 9.1 and don’t know if I should update.

I don’t have enough time to play to be useful for Public test :frowning:

Only items mentioned in the changelog get changes / new modifiers.

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‘‘Added 100% of Acid dealt as Lightning for Amarasta’s Blade Burst.’’ Did this change also affect the global conversion on amulet? It was cold>lightning before, is it now acid>lightning? Can anyone upload an image on the matter?

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