New to Blademaster - Best default attack and passive for a DW blademaster?

Hi guys,

Giving a Blademaster a go currently DW with swords. Going heavy with armour so her can survive a decent amount of time in the thick of melee currently. I have a few questions -

  1. Which is the best default attack to go with that is best complimented by the DW passive in the Nightblade skill tree? Currently I’m using Amarasta’s Blade Burst.

I know there probably will be many great skills which would be gifted by item of different sorts but currently playing self found so will likely be a while before such skill are available to me.

  1. How much should I invest skill point’s wise in Dual Blades, Belgothians Shears, Amarasta’s Quick Cut + Whirling Death?

  2. I’ve seen a few builds max out Dual Blades. Is this due to the dmg bonus to pirece + cold the skill grants? I imagine the binus increase the dmg used by all other skills in the Nightblade skill tree?

Thanks for any feedback

Hi there

Just craft a Mistborn talisman as a relic and use troll rage as you default attack… It is the best to have until legendary relics

Shard of Beronath is the best option if you need a charge skill.

Indeed Beronath will be best but comes later in the game