New to game, what is best save game default to use?

I’m fairly new to this game (lev 16 char) - i have the steam version. Am i better off using cloud or local? I do play this game on both a laptop and pc. At this point I don’t mind starting over if i need to. On the first steam install (PC) it defaulted to local saved games and on laptop the cloud was the default. Not sure, but I might have hand in that decision, I can’t remember.

I would rather do it right before I get too far along. Also I definitely want to install the stash manager so I would want the setting that allows that.

Thanks for any help you can provide me!


While it would be great to share the same chars and stash between my laptop and pc - it is not a deal breaker. Are char saves local or on steam? If local I as assuming I can throw the char on a zip or dropbox and transfer between computers?

I always turn off Steam Cloud. I’m offline a lot and not syncing with Steam.

I use dropbox and Winbolic (symbolic) links across multiple computers. It’s always worked great for me.

I also turned off steam cloud, there have been a number of issues with it. I think the service can be problematic at times.

its really easy to back up your saves manually, so as long as you do that often, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Maybe I’m missing something, but even with cloud saves on you still have a local copy of saves on your computer. If at any point there’s a discrepancy between what’s local on what’s in the cloud (for instance, if you play offline then go back online), Steam will prompt you for which save you want to retain. If your local copy is more current than your cloud save, you could just tell the Steam prompt and it will sync what’s in the cloud with what is local.

I use cloud saving for all my games and it work awesome, in my opinion.

To be honest, while Steam cloud works perfectly for some people, others do have a lot of problems, so to be on the safe side I’d stick with Local saving, or if you do use Steam cloud, keep a backup of the save folder…just to be on the safe side. :wink: