New to game, would like some suggestions on class/build

Hi everyone, I just bought the game and I was looking through the builds but I can’t find one that has my desired playstyle, and the ones that do are outdated.

Ideally, I would love a class/build that would allow me to use both dual wield swords and ranged fighting style, if that’s viable in this game, if not than I am fine with either. I would also like to have a pet that deals decent damage and soaks damage alongside me. From what I’ve read so far pets seem like an all or nothing thing, but I would like a build that has a good balance.

I really liked Occultist so far so I’d want a hybrid with that. So far I have been playing around with Witch Hunter but haven’t had luck finding good, up to date builds that also make use of a pet.

If anyone could recommend any classes or builds, I would be very grateful :smiley:

I don’t think you can dual wield swords (nightblade) and guns at the same time.

I should clarify, I mean use shotgun/rifle/crossbow, and then switch to swords for up close combat.

Closest thing I can think of is a build based around the two Winter King items.

I’ll link WolfOverClocked’s video on it as he does a very solid job on his videos and descriptions.

You could adapt a build related to those items.

If you are sold on the dual wield/2h ranged weapon combos then perhaps using this as a basic gear build point would appeal to you:

Generally speaking the sort of build you want with either Rifle or Dual Wield WITH pets is hard to optimize(I’m assuming that’s your goal in some aspects).

In order to keep pets competitive you need to invest in them significantly w/ talents and gear. Personal DPS is less of a necessary investment however durability tends to be the first concern.

Aside from the above two more builds that I was able to pull out of the compendium with a generalization to what you asked for:

Well broken down with experimentation from Snazzblaster.
It’s a very creative take on the hybrid. Might give you some ideas.

Kluga’s necromancer themed build. Based around Raise the Dead devotion. Kluga has a nicely done video additionally about this build so you can see it in action.
Perhaps a nice use for the Witching Hour item I linked above?

That’s what I got :slight_smile: Hope this sparks your creativity in some direction!

Thanks CelticBard! :slight_smile: I know what I’m asking for is kinda hard to get with this game, so I was hoping to hear some opinions and advice. Those links are very helpful. I really like the look of that necromancer build. Never thought of using demolitionist, but I’ll try it out :slight_smile:


Somehow i read your name as “SkepticFetish”

Here is a basic idea.

It’s not min/maxed but the idea is there. Cadence rocks for guns and translates very well to dual wield.