New to GD, trying to make a certain character (based off a theme)

Hey guys!

So I’m basically trying to make some sort of Gunslinger+demon slayer character, with a mercenary kinda vibe. So ideally no big magic explosions and whatnot. Just rustic shooting.
(edit: actually looking at rifles a lot more as well. I like the big shoot style more than multiple shoots)

I was thinking Demolitionist + Inquisitor, but I’m not too sure how they play later on. Active Skill Videos only help so much, but you can never be sure how the different masteries play as you go.
Demolitionist sounds good to be thanks to the ranged attacks and all the bombs and gadgets, which are super cool.
And Inquisitor seems to also center around a pistol? I saw some lightning shots and some others magic tricks, though again the big magic would throw the character’s thematic off a bit.

Any tippers?


(oh and some survivability would be nice, I’m not that great at click-dodging and stuff)

here you go

Join date 2013 and new to GD :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like the purifier is filled with big explosions from guns.

I suppose a good way to go about it is to look at skills you actually find cool, rather than class masteries.

There is a set called the demonslayer, and it uses a gun. But it’s also a spellcaster, and not a shooter type build.

IMO, it’s a relatively easy-to-gear-for top-tier build - and you’d be playing as the witch hunter.

No explosions, just fancy knife throwing.

EDIT: Here’s a GT link of a what a pretty decent end game build would look like -

Here’s a link on the items you can use in the interim:
The helm, chest, shoulder, and gloves are very easy to farm for.
The shoes, amulet, medal are craftable.

Here’s a video displaying the character at work:

Mind you, I crafted the build, so do take my biasedness into consideration.

I think Veretragna’s DW Physical Warborn Deathknight could fit your theme. It has no magic explosions, is rather beefy and has a great demon hunter vibe with the warborn visor

Thanks! I’ll be checking that out.

And heh, life is weird sometimes. You’d be surprised how that happened.
But I’m glad to be here now!

edit: I love the diary-style feel the guide has to it in some parts. Awesome :smiley:

I think I really want to stick with guns as my primary source of damage though, at least in stuff besides boss fights were you need some extra kick.
But I really liked the Occultist stuff you chose, that will definitely affect my own build. Possession’s also awesome thematically.

Heyo! Thanks for the reply, though would you have a link? I also believed Deathknights to be melee/minion focused, due to the masteries.

Currently really looking forward to gunslingin’!

You do you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: This would be an example of a solid gunslinging build.

I didn’t suggest it because of all the explosions. You cannot avoid them as a gunslinging purifier.

More experienced players than me have also suggested dropping the fire-based pistol, and substituting it for a second lightning one, but I just like the idea of dual damage types.

Well, seems like I didn’t quite know exactly what I wanted because that still looks awesome to me. I’ll be definitely checking this build out. Plus if I can’t avoid them might as well work with them.

edit: Also 2 damage types seems super cool. Is there a musketeer build anywhere too? I also like the slow but big shots thematic a lot, might be moving more towards that actually.

I feel it should be noted, that although it might be a different kind of ‘demon slayer,’ the Exalted items combined with dual pistols do just kind of make you look like a Warhammer Witch Hunter.

(As for the preconceived notions about Necromancers, I personally was expecting them to be a lot more cold-focused on the spells, but it’s really just the one skill.)

Dual Gun Tactician is also pretty good without fireworks:

I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet. Valduun blademaster is what op’s looking for. Rifle - check, heavy shots - check (Cadence), armor aesthetics - check, solid pierce dmg and no sissy rainbow explosions - check.

Interesting! Is there an image I can find of what you’re referring to? Since I’m not quite familiar with any ingame item really.

Ohhh that looks awesome! Just wish there was a video to showcase the gameplay. But the “tanky and ranged with decent dps” is very attractive.

Interesting! Do you have a handy link? I would super appreciate that.

Couldn’t find a link so I decided to make one myself on my cigarette break.

I just had 15 minutes so there are lots of thing unoptimized and I don’t know FG gear well yet but it should do for the general direction. Actually it looks quote solid on paper except resistances and AoE department.

Always fun to see beginner players get recommended builds with full mythical leg sets and so on :slight_smile:

What would you mean? Could you point out which of those builds aren’t easy to pursue?

Of course, I’ll just sort of wing it if things don’t work out, I’ve still got to start playing lol. Wish I had more time to play.

Most of the items in a lot of those builds require you to first get to the endgame (i.e. level 94+ on Ultimate) and then grind key dungeons, end bosses and other specific monsters until the items actually drop.

That’s not to say you can’t still just follow the other parts of the build (skills, devotions, etc.). Hell, it’s what I do.