New to GD

Hi all,
I just got the game yesterday and started playing. I got up to lvl14 with a Soldier class and haven’t assigned points yet to a second class.

I read a post on a Storm Caller build which is Shaman/Arcanist.

Anyone have a leveling guide for a Solidier build?

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile: There are many different guides in the Classes, Skills and Builds section of the forum so have a look there and see what you might like to play.

While looking at builds is nice, and i do recommend you see them. But seeing this is your first profile i suggest you go with whatever class combo looks good to you and explore the entire map. On your second playthrough you can look at guides for quests and classes

Also, welcome to the forums

I think it’s worth having a look at some build ideas, if only to get a feel of what Devotion constellations the OP may want to use. Otherwise they could be effectively stumbling around in the dark without a clue.