New Update News?

Anxious to hear anything about a new update. Has any information been shared anywhere?

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Nope. Devs will tell us when they’re ready to share more.

We just need to pile up requests and hope for at least 50% make through the next update :smiley:

Don’t forget we got the latest patch just over 2 weeks ago so not that long.

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I’m sure I’m not the only player waiting for a patch to fix some of the major issues before I consider FF worthwhile to dive into again. Without storage to storage transport you can’t set up effective production. Without control of where people live and work you can’t optimize the layout for travel. Without challenge there is no need to do either of the above anyway. Not to mention that at high pop counts the unplayable laggy performance means you can’t begin to solve the challenges of a complex village.

For me the deciding factor in purchasing this game in early access was knowing that a team rather than a single dev is producing it (as is so common with banished-like games). With that comes the expectation of faster and responsive development cycles. That is not to say two weeks is too slow, but if it is another month before a test branch then I’ll probably have moved my attention on to something else.