New Valdaran is garbage

if you ask me, then yes
the mechanic of his shotgun hasn’t changed
what has changed is Valde no longer debuffs or even sunders, he basically has nothing going for him except his aura gimmick, so just like MQ; yes it should be nasty (imo),
whether or not the new/extra dmg scaling is slightly too high i can’t really say; i’ve not had any issues with him so “seems fine” to me
*and you’re climbing SR 80 so already in "extra scaling"territory and for what i consider "scaling should be high"territory

Can confirm, he’s still bullshit.

Running my melee Stormserpent Trickster through SR85-86 for maximum frustration and most of my deaths have been to Val as his fucking shotgun nukes my health no matter how much DA I have. And this is with a resist pot too. So frankly his damage scaling most definitely needs a nerf and the shotgun needs a rebalance to make it less frustrating to deal with.

Fortunately he’s less garbage than the Harbingers of Hunger, which are a fucking nightmare to deal with unless you invest in high adctch or regen.

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what is that squish thing even doing as high as in SR 85 ? :woozy_face:

why would DA matter (much/more) there? :thinking: - you either don’t benefit much from DA against the attack because usual amount of avoidance and dmg, or you stack so much DA you actually get a dmg reduct bonus and avoidance bonus, anything/amounts in between is gonna be RNG at best and minimal effect at worst “that’s how DA works”

Still feel extremely sad that Valdi’s avenging aura triggers only by ranged attacks and not by any attack
Just imagine how fun it will be


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It’s not that squishy lawl:

Needs more armour of course, but when piloted properly it cleaves through everything bar the Manifestations of Hunger.

The trick to dealing with Valdy is to break off when circuit breakers are on cooldown and then go back in. But with my particular set of problems that’s not always easy and he can do big random damage spikes, plus it doesn’t help I all to oft fumble hitting Blade Barrier…


breakpoint OCD triggered

His trigger attack is somehow like Zantarin shotgun but random, one burst you can die even with 16-17k hp easily.

neither triggers are random
Zantarin’s shotgun trigger is distance based
Valde’s is cooldown aura/buff based with an effect triggering from ranged attacks/projectiles
(keep in mind certain effects counts as projectiles even if not seemingly obvious so)

That’s why it random, Val may cast at distance and not all of them hit you, but if he teleports to you when it triggers, 5 projects kill you at full hp instantly. And some devotion procs cast projects too.

that’s still not random tho? that’s literally just how shotguns function over distances; the closer you are the less spread out they are so more hit you
^this is why you evade or rune immediately on teleport to expand that distance gap again - if you’re melee you stop attacking to reduce potential “disguised/pseudo projectiles”

Easier said than done, it triggers at the same time as he teleports. I bet everyone here is veteran has at least 2k+ hours, but still RIP. For my case it happened less than 1s.

yes? - that still doent’ change the event isn’t random,
even if hard to react to/requires potential faster reactions than other attacks it’s still a “fixed”/reliable trigger, in both Valde and Zantarin cases
the issue some people have here is the dmg scaling of the projectiles got increased to the point where that reaction is much more mandatory for some (many) builds than prior/potentially harder to survive from the much faster reaction now required; the mechanics of it didn’t change