New way to made use of the white item

Like the title, I’m thinking of some way to extract the prefix and suffix of an item we found to some kind of augment, and later apply that to white or MI item that we choose.

So, we found an item with the affixes we want but not on this item,
we go to the dismantling guy and using ?( spirit dynamite? :rolleyes:)
blow up that item to have a chance to get an augment of its affix ( lower % for rare affixes)

Then later re-apply it to a white item or blank MI we found

New recipe to make affixes item become white might be needed.

I know this is just an idea, many thing need to be looked at but I really hate having to grind hundreds hours just to find a double rare and it roll poorly

Thank for reading
p/s sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker

I proposed a crafting system some time ago which would use white items as a base. People seemed to like it but there was never an official response.

Wow that is a cool idea too
Oh well I just hope they will take a look at your idea, or some modder will able to do it :slight_smile:

I don’t think any developer should feel bad about saying “No” right off the bat.
It’s better than “It’s something we’re thinking about and we’ll get right back on it when the time permits.”

I also feel that Crate Ent. have an unexpected number of sales and that they might be thinking of just making a Grim Dawn 2 to get another big sale; instead of all these, largely, useless add-ons and tweaks that eventually lessen the product in one way or another.

I doubt it. They’ve hinted that they have a secret project in the wings and hinted that it isn’t an arpg. I don’t believe it’s something they are commiting full resources to yet tho, unless they’ve hired more people specifically for it.

As for GD I think if the expansion sells well the likelihood of another expansion will increase relative.

I also haven’t seen anything they’ve done as lessening the game in anyway yet.

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