Newb Asking For Help: Cold Based Apostate/Spellbinder Possible?

Despite having over 300 hours I am still very much a newb. I have always liked the concept of the Apostate and would really like to run a Cold based Apostate, possibly mixing melee with casting. However Apostate does not seem like a Newb (me) friendly build. I know builds exist but is Apostate too difficult to run for a sh*tty player like myself? If not how could one best proceed? Barring that possibility, I have also considered a Cold damage Spellbinder but virtually all builds only cover Aether damage. I really, really want to do something with Cold and maybe secondarily something else. Any basic tips or ideas to start? I don’t want to just wing it this time and start over for the 11th time or so…

You asked if someone had made very detailed guides on builds that you could follow. I showed you were to find them.

Do not mix melee and casting, choose one of them.

Best cold spell is Rune of Haggarad, and Necro does nothing to support that spell.

Do yourself a favor, follow one of the beginner build guides that I showed you as close as you can.

OK. No need for hostility. Sheesh.

This is my tip: Cold caster rune of haggarad vindicator. I have made a guide that includes videos, grimtool links to various stages & link to document with more information.

You will have everything you asked for in that guide. You have cold damage, you have detailed leveling up scheme.

I am not hostile, I am concerned that you will be constantly redoing your mistakes again. Some of us has spent a lot of our free time making those guides for people like you to read and learn from.

OK. Thanks. Since you do not play Crucible is it 170 viable in theory?

Why do you even ask if a budget build can do that when you have still not have passed level 50 in 300 hours? :stuck_out_tongue:


But it depends on what you mean by “it”, not the budget versions. You can do like 150 challenger easy and like 100 gladiator (with blessings) but for the last 50-70 waves you need much better gear like the two decked builds that are further down in my guide (mad_lee and my build)

I do play crucible, like 3 times/week. I mostly have my signature to mess with people and also as an homage to another member that has … more strong feelings about crucible and have as signature “I do not play crucible” :wink:

Cold spellbinder is out of the question btw, not enough resistance reductions…

Well, I do have a melee Ritualist at level 71 doing a run with a friend…that has been going well but yeah…everything else. I guess I can just farm for gear later. I have tons of cold and lightning gear I have never used so might be a good opportunity.

First of all, neither of those classes are good for Cold. And Apostate is just a weak class in general, not as weak as Warlock or Battle Mage, but still nothing to write home about.

Spellbinder is the most powerful class in-game but limited to few Aether builds.

If you are still new or playing self-found - follow malaglawieglieweilawien advice and choose a budget guide and take it from there. If you have some gear and you are trading - just choose a decent cold build from Compendium - there are plenty of those.

Best cold builds are infiltrators. Arguably, vindicators and tricksters are second place. Then there are blademasters, spellbreakers and reapers. Apostate would be the guy playing rock-paper-scissors with saboteur to see which one’s last to join the team.

But both apostate and saboteur are perfectly playable if you don’t mind having a second tier build. And saboteur might see enlightenment in FG if certain items… become exclusive to this class… you kn&ow what I mean…

That is my name in Welsh language :smiley:

I will follow Lord Malawiglenn’s advice and his build!