Newb wanting recomendation

Hi all,
Totally new to Grim Dawn. I have played D2 and POE extensively. I would like a recommendation of a Melee build with a defensive class. So thats a melee weapon (swords,axes,etc) with good defenses. I just want to play through the campaign for now and so need some build that works from start please.

I made really good experiences with “OJ, the Chaos Tank”. I cannot post a link to the build threat because of forum rules, but you can find it in google or through the forum search.

It is a two-handed, virtually unkillable melee char that dishes out decent amount of damage and can face-tank most enemies.

When it comes to a nice and simple face beating newbie build that’s easy on gear and fun: Bleed Warder would be my recommend.

I second a bleed warder but I also recommend a poison caster Witch Hunter (very powerful in Normal/Veteran).

If your goal is to just play through the campaign, you don’t really need to worry about builds. You can respec skills for really cheap so if you pick a skill and it turns out you don’t like it, you can always change it to something else. However, while you can respec your skill points, skill points spent on the mastery bar are permanent, so if you pick a class and add points, you’re set with that class.

Start with whatever mastery you want and just go beat down some zombies. Try new skills, use different weapons. You’re not really locked into anything because you don’t have to pick a second mastery until you feel like it.