Newbie friendly build .?


Im looking for some newbie friendly build,
what is that ??

i just want some leveling build to have some fun, and later maybye try the real end game with this char
Im not looking for an epic full legendary end game build… just a viable build to make some new char tough the 3 difficulties.

someone can help me, also for devotions please?
I would love a base necromancer with arcanist/soldier/nightblade maybye its look like fun, i have already a skeleton master.

thank you very much to the comunity.

If you’re looking the build like that. You should create your own because everyone got different loot in game. It’s up to you to adapt the build suits your current item and appropriate with the area you’ll encounter.

IMO most classes is fine to start and leveling with. Don’t be serious about it.

Devotion is taking anything amplify your main dmg type first. Try the procs you want to use and using component in weapons will help you a lot at early game.

If you play lv30+ single mastery. You should do very good and able to use all skills. The game will be very fun after that.

I agree that it’s usually best, and certainly more fun in the long run, to experience the game without optimized builds. Learn what works and doesn’t. You have the ability to respec at any time (almost), so you can experiment. Half the fun is figuring out what works and doesn’t work.

And if you start with a powerful build that is easy, you may find it kill the fun out of any future characters which will inevitably be weaker.