Newbie overwhelmed of all these builds, need help for updated starter build

Hello all, just started a few days ago with GD and like it so far.

But to be honest I can t find a way through all these build choices, since many of them are also pre and I do not know if they are still viable ?

I startet with EoR build (by liftingnerdpro) (at the moment lvl 70)

I ve read that this is quite ok as a starter build, but after patch now i am not sure anymore.

Do you think i can still go on with this build?

My goal is just to have a nice starter build, with which i can then also start farming stuff for more advanced/endgame builds.

And if not, can you link me please to some UPDATED starter/beginner builds?

Preferable 2h melee if possible :slight_smile:

Thank you

Patch has been out in like 20 hours and you are asking for updates :stuck_out_tongue: we have a life you know… we play the game ourselves and I think most of us would like to fix our own “real” builds first if you know what I mean…

I am working on updating my guides, might take a week or so until all are done. Look, beginner builds are always gonna be viable for what they claim to do - getting you to the starting of end-game and teaching you about the game. Some build might need an item change here or there but patches VERY seldom “kills” a beginner build.

You can find them all here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds I have made a “batch” update in a separate post, I can not post updates and changes to the guides until Grim Tools is updated.

I have one 2H melee, Warder. Try it out, it is very good imo.

But tbh, you should just continue with your build, get it as far as you can, then farm reputation so you can buy faction mandates and experience potions etc which will speed up the processes for future chars. And link to your own build, not the goal build by that dude liftingpronerd.

As far as this templar in
EoR and Celestial prescense got some nerfs and Arcanists got MAJOR buffs which will balance out more then enough.

I remember a time when there were like constant complaining about not being enough beginner friendly build guides, and now you are complaining about that there are too many? :stuck_out_tongue: moar is always better

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20 hours? time enough to update ALL builds?? :rofl:

Ah ok, since im coming from poe, kind happen that builds just get killed after a patch ; ) but ty for your detailed answer, just was scared that this build maybe is now dead/unplayable.

So I will just continue with this build now and try do adapt it if needed.
liftingpronerd…thats… FUNNY :joy::joy: Yeah I read ur comment in his YT video guide for this build ;))

But in general, I think I am just a little bit confused of pre patch builds, and not knowing if still viable or not.

Buuut, let s make it short: if YOU would start GD now as a newbie, which BEGINNER build would you choose? :upside_down_face: (doenst need to be 2h melee :upside_down_face:)

Thank you for pointing out some things sir,

Best regards.

I have to sleep too, and if Grim Tools is not updated then what is the point…
This kinda “needy” behavior from noobs is a big turn-off and I guess it is one reason why not many people are prepared to do build guides. I do not work here, I do guides as my hobby - i.e. I do them mostly because I think its fun, if someone else find them useful well good for them. I do updates if I think I will get something out of it.

You can also read the patch notes for yourself and draw an educated guess. Lower wpn dmg scaling on EoR on ultimate ranks vs. no damage penalty on Maiven.

You are level 70 and you just started playing, why should you care about these things now? You should just focus on learning the game mechanics, where things are and how they work and push yourself to the limit. And, having fun.

PoE is season based and it is natural that there are more drastic changes in such game compared to long-term single player games like Grim Dawn.

I have a section “what build should I choose” and it all depends on your preferred playstyle. If you look at what is in my collection, I also link to other peoples builds - and all playstyles are covered now that I have made Lightning Ray guide (which is a sick dps monster). But you should choose for yourself, because what is fun for someone like me might not be fun for you.

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Sry, this was for sure a joke, thought you get it, my bad :wink: Sure I do not expect something like this.

Considering that I have many many hours of hard work in front of me when Grim Tools gets updated… and that there will be a new patch 1.1.5 soon too… I am not in the mood of jokes :stuck_out_tongue:

Me personally, id go S&B, either Warder or Warlord. Both are tanky and a lot of fun. Your survivability is good and if built right your damage output will be enough to carry you through the early/mid into late until you have a better understanding of what build you ACTUALLY want to use (as it takes time to comprehend the vast multitude of mechanics and their order of operations in this game).

Sometimes, you have to forget builds other people have made and just focus on what YOU feel like doing. Otherwise, the foundation of your build can wind up basically being wrought from someone elses idea and that can cause the build to feel unnatural to you as it evolves, since it may not be what you necessarily want to do.

Yeah that is why I’m patiently waiting for you to finish your Lightning mage hunter guide :wink:

Thanks to who? :smiley: You , Super Dragon, Nery, Maya… couple of other guys. Y’all have been doing great and very important work. Now if a friend of mine asks for a good build to start playing GD with I can always send him to read your Beginners’ Guides Collection.

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and I am patiently waiting for mr Dammit to update Grim Tools :slight_smile:

I mean you often hear “build diversity” as a main feature when you read/talk about Grim Dawn.
I just want that this build diversity also is reflected in the budget build posted too :slight_smile:
Otherwise it would just be "oh you are new, you wanna play pretty efficient end-game? Make a krieg death knight or vitality cabalist with dark one set - end of guide :stuck_out_tongue: "


I agree completely. Budget building have more visible classes and options most people can imagine. And it’s quite fun challenge to build with common and faction items a build that can compete with the big boys :slight_smile:

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I think that is a reason too, for me - I like to theorycraft but the “competition” in theorycrafting SR75+ and such builds is bigger. Plus those builds will not be accesible to as many players and many times newer players are asking in the build threads for leveling tips and budget gearing etc

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This post makes me really happy man! Im so glad there are some long-time players with a history in the forums like you guys. Thats there is such build diversity possible in this game presents all of us with a unique market thats not accessible to many other ARPGs that can be capitalized on whenever we stop and tinker out ways to make things work using alternative ingredients.

I remember when I first learned what a Monster Infrequent was. I think thats when I totally fell in love with this game. No other ARPG does it as well as this one and to be honest, farming for things in this game is such a pleasure. It really feels like Monster Hunter a little bit- this monster only spawns in these locations, so thats where i hunt, to get the ingredients/materials needed in order to craft better gear and so on. Easily one of my favorite aspects of the game and im overjoyed that you guys make it a point to take time and find ways to utilize these “lesser” ingredients on end-game builds that are capable of competing. Just knowing that that happens inspires my building aspirations all the more.

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