Newby questions - Occultist

Hope you can help with this.

  1. I’m about to delete a character I used as a test run. Is it not possible to transfer iron bits to my new character. No problems with gear and weapons, but didn’t see that this was possible.

  2. I’m running an Occultist and Shaman. I have one pet already (bird) and want to select a second one, the Hell Hound, but it won’t let me. It says - in red - “Requires 9 additional points in Occultist.” I’ve already leveled the bird to level 10, but it still won’t let me select the other pet. What am I doing wrong, or what am I missing.

  3. I’m doing something not right with getting the bird into the fight. He’ll usually flies near to me, but doesn’t do anything till the enemy gets almost right on top of me. I prefer him to start the fight earlier, and have the attack command set on a hot key, but the instructions for this are not real clear.

Thanks for any help.

  1. Bits can only be traded in multiplayer via the trade command. Nothing else enables their transfer.

  2. You need more points in the base mastery bar at the bottom. You get those by pumping points in on the bottom left at the big + icon.

  3. There is a reason very few builds use Raven. It’s AI is absolute dogshit.

  1. Raven is fantastically, incredibly stupid pet.
    Only thing he does well is heal, on big holidays he may heals a pet, too.

Yup. If you ever see any mention of “the dumb bird” on the forum, they’re usually referring to the raven/familiar pet in Occultist.

It does some cool stuff, it’s a shame the AI is so horrid.