Newish player returned to game, advice needed!

Hi all been away from the game since before the AoM expac came out, so the game is more or less brand new to me. Can anyone recommend me a build that involves Necromancer or Death Knight that would be easy to learn game with and start getting good items with? Nothing overly complicated because I have nothing to fall back on item wise. I love pet builds mostly but I like Death Knights and Necros in Arpgs.

I looked over the compendiums but there is so much information in them regarding endgame builds that I just don’t see leveling builds. It doesn’t have to be a necro or Dk build but something that can get me in the game going at a fast pace.

Thank you!

There are tons of beginner builds here Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) just look under the “Builds for beginners” section.

Do you have the Forgotten Gods expansion btw?

I will in like 5 min. Thank you. Is pet builds the way to go for a brand new playthrough?

I always say you should play something you enjoy playing not what is considered “the best”

Remember that most of the beginner builds are a few patches old, so there can be some weird item being used etc but just ask the relevant thread if you have queries. I will try to update my builds and guides when 1.1.7 patch is out and a few weeks old.

ok ty, much appreciated.

Welcome back to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a couple of Death Knight builds in the beginners section so see if they are what you’re looking for.

Sure. But don’t go with Death Knight pet hybrid. You’ll beat main game but you’ll have trouble farming gear in endgame. Pet/player hybrids are not really a thing.

Take two of the pet masteries: necro, occultist or shaman. And focus 100% on pets. Unless ofc you just wanna clear main game and move on. Then you can do it with anything.