next ACT

What do you think the next ACT will be deployed around?
I expect it to be a city in Port Valbury

Plains and wilderness were the stage for ACT 1 to 4
I think the area around the sea (lake?) Is also interesting

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We know it starts around Burrwitch and will have jungle / thick forest

I have overlooked the information?:cry:

That woman at the end of Valbury hints a new area, which can apparently be accessed by the ferry in Burrwitch. I’m betting on the North.

Looks like it :wink:

Should be in the bi-weekly misadventures

I had a description that I went to Burrwitch when I checked the book right now, I am looking forward to the new ACT

If you go to burrwitch and go straight north from the portal, you’ll cross a bridge then find a blockade (not sure if it’s the correct word) on the road which make you turn left to go in the direction of the Warden house.
“Act 5” will start behind that blockade.

It could be Malmouth.

I think the amount of area available there is small though. There’s a huge amount of area in the map available below Devil’s Crossing where there’s a broken bridge. That could very well be it.

On the other hand, if the Aetherials are going to be the focus of the expansion, then we may as well be heading to the Capitol, which I believe is to the north? Somewhere near to the Necropolis since people fleeing from the Capitol were heading through Darkvale Gate to escape.

correct me if I am wrong but I think that area below DC is called Old Grove or something… dont worry we will visit that place in the 2nd xpac. after we beat the crap out of Chthon this year. :rolleyes:

We have not seen Malmouth and Erulan yet. The place is likely to be one of those.
I expect that the upcoming expansions will include either or both of them.

Isn’t Erulan the entire nation that we’ve been spending time in? I didn’t really interpret Erulan to just be one capital city of the region; indeed, Malmouth might be construed to be the capital.

From what all information points to going north from burrwitch village’s riftgate to Ugdenbog will eventually lead up, i think, into the city looking area far to the north, likely being Malmouth.

Your argument is right. But I thought from the following description, Erulan is the name of an empire and the capital name at the same time, like Monaco or Singapore. Of course, it is possible to say that these are not an capital name but empires. Although there is no text clearly stated about the capital name, there is a high possibility that if Erulan is not the capital name it is Malmouth.

  • [li]npc_zealot_fatherkymon_01[/li]“I preached the truth to the public, for which I was exiled from Erulan.”

    [li]npc_inquisitorcreed_02[/li]“If I had access to the Inquisitor archives in Erulan, then perhaps we could learn more.”

Monaco and Singapore are not empires. Why not use the most famous example instead: The Roman Empire, an empire named after its capital :smiley:

You’ve got a point, I forgot about that. Well any way, it was correct that I thought that Erulan is the capital name. :wink: