Next PTR changelog coming up?

Not to sound ansy, but it seems like posting the next changelog on the ptr is longer than usual which is usually a weekly process, but i think this time, its understandable considering there are so many changes involved.

Still, i would like to know out of curiosity


Zantai’s on vacation atm so don’t expect it to happen until he’s back.

So that’s gonna be phat changelog? Or is he doing most of the balance work?

I bet Zantai is sitting on a sunny beach, Piña Colada in one hand, laptop connected to the hotel WiFi in the other, and balancing the hell out of the game right now as we speak :sunglasses: :crazy_face:


Maybe this Friday, we’ll see.


Will the new two-handed animation be in this update?

Hard to say. If its added, great, but I’m more interested in what they do to pet changes and items such as Bargoll’s core possibly tweaking its 3% weapon damage

Next PTR will add new sauce for campaign nemesis hunter, there may be some funny moments while doing the SoT, in the trap room while doing the Bone Reliquary arena and the threshold hits midway and Moosi spawn up in that room :laughing:

I still remember how my first char crawl slowly on the Void Edge map, avoiding Grava spawn point as I don’t understand his fight mechanic back then, only for him to jumpscare me in Mourndale while speaking to Daila

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The change to the Nemesis system seems neat. When I heard about nemesis bosses before purchasing vanilla GD, I imagined that the faction would send its elite warrior to hunt me down. I was a little let down when I found out that nemesis were glorified super-bosses that spawned at random locations, which made the ones with lots of spawn points a pain to find.

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