Nightblade build

Hi im new to the game and i want to ask for some help for a nightblade build.
At the moment i am lvl 30 and i find it really difficult which sec class i should pick (because you cant change it if you dont like it) .
I looked at a lot of the builds in the forum but as a beginner it is difficult to say which is only a "high equipt endgame build " and which is playable earlier.
I think i want to play as a blademaster or a spellbreaker. The build should be fun but also endgame viable with the right equipt at the end ( for the content and also for crucible gladiator if possible ).
So it would be great if you can give me a few inspirations so that i can choose the right class and build for me.

Saboteur is the easiest Nightblade class to play with a lack of gear. The build scales very well into endgame, and the gear is fairly easy to manage. Check the later pages for updated versions.

Saboteur is indeed the easiest to start, if you want to focus on direct DW damage (fire/lightning mostly). Witchhunter - if you want to focus on DoT damage - poison. Spellbreaker - if you want to focus on cold damage.