Nightblade + Class???


I’m lvl up a Nightblade atm and really like the Dualwield + procs and the Shadow Strike stuff, my problem is that I dont really know what class to pair it with.

With alot of reading on the forum and guides, I think it’s betwean Blademaster, Trickster or Saboteur.

I dont like range caster stuff or dot/bleeds as my primary damage, so maybe this can help you alittle helping me :slight_smile:

Anyone who can help em a little with what class to pick with my Nightblade and why, just the pros and cons of each build.

Thx in advance

DW Melee Lightning Saboteur -

The end game weapon is a guaranteed drop on Ultimate

DW Pistols Spellbreaker -

Pretty unique playstyle, easy to learn

Jager’s Witch Hunter -

Acid Saboteur -

  • Blademaster seems like the best choice. You get Blitz and a lot of survivability tools.
  • Sabo makes more sense focusing on Demolitionist.
  • Trickster gives a lot of passive health regen, but not much else.
  • Spellbreaker (cold) and Witch Hunter (bleed/poison) seem like more damage focused glass cannon setups.

However, take my advice with a grain of salt. I’ve leveled a couple 85s so far. My first character was a proc based Blademaster and can tell you it was very rough and involved a lot of kiting around. You could consider a sword and shield cadence focused set of skills instead of proc dual wield.

The strongest leveling builds I’ve seen so far have been a retaliation Warder and a lightning focused Druid.

Since you’ve only played a couple characters so far I’d advise you to look around at the builds that are discussed on these boards. You may find that your initial assessment is limited though not entirely wrong either.

Also retal Warder is not the best leveling path, nor is any Druid build the best at anything in this game.

To OP:

Chthon’s already provided links to several good builds, here is an alternative you won’t find in any guides (yet). Pretty much the halfway point between Jager’s WH and Acid Sab.

Acid WH -

That GT may not contain the best possible gear/component selection, but I can’t be bothered to update it yet.

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I disagree with the specifics you listed right here.

-Blademaster: Blitz has no benefits over SS unless you are going S&B. SS Blademasters (Cold and Pierce) can be very valuable (very high single target DPS). Multi proc Cold BMs can do very well too. But BMs depend on items to perform on their top level or they’ll end up rather squishy (I’d still say, they are manageable for ARPG veterans new to GD).

-Saboteur: Fire Sabos are pretty noob friendly with many craftable items, nice AOE damage and clear speed. Focuses on Nightblade (max Mastery) as well, but the FS line takes up alot of points. Acid Sabo needs again many specific items and the AOE is not as good (but is still a very nice alternative to Fire Sabos).

-Trickster: Lightning Trickster can be okay, Bleeding Trickster can be OP. But needs a lot of specific items (and there is no guide out there atm).

-Spellbreaker: with a rather passive setup you can still dish out large amounts of high DPS while being rather tanky. But also needs a lot of specific gear (nevertheless, it’s the highest DPS character atm and survives pretty well).

-Witchhunter: As dw melee WHs there are two main options: Acid or Chaos/Vit. Both do pretty well, but I tend towards Chaos/Vit for a nice balance of survivability and DPS. Chaos/Vit WHs can also be played as a new player.

In conclusion, I’d recommend playing a dw Saboteur for a new player who wants to go dual wielding. Check out this thread, read the last few pages as well as pages 73-75 for an updated version of jajaja’s Tri-Element Saboteur.

My first character was a 0 Physique dw BM and I finished the game and was able to farm Fabius within my first playthrough with it. Still, it was harsh and I died a lot. But I had lots of fun. :slight_smile:

Thansk for all the builds, but alot of them are bleed/dot/acid builds and i really dislike that kind of playstyle.

Would i fail big time going for either a Trickster build with Savagery or blademaster with cadace?

Could one of those be done with a phys, Piercing or lightning build?
Also if you could recomend a devotion build for one of those builds.

Thx in advance

I already recommended Lightning Saboteur -

None of the builds I listed are DoT builds but the Trickster Bleeding build.