Nightblade with only in cunning spend points?

Hi fellows,

My Nightblade got from me only cunning and no physique points, but now at level 33 i am drinking healing potions like i am breathing air and my Nightblade dies easily.

I have read in other threads that most spend also points in physique and the relation 2:1 cunning-physique should be the best relation, but i would like to know, if it is possible to have a strong character also only with points spend in cunning :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanky for your ansaaaas


If you’re struggling to live at 33, the game only gets more difficult on elite and ultimate.

In simplest terms, all characters need a lot of defense. You can get that from gear, talents, devotions, or some combination thereof.

It’s definitely possible to only go cunning, but you would have to compensate with talents and devotions.

You have to be able to sustain hits. Physique helps with this in many ways. You can have enough physique so nothing will crit you, and even if it you do take a large hit, you have the HP to survive it anyway. Some of the best armor also requires very high physique. Cunning is not useless, the problem is basically just that very high physique is a necessity.

If you go all cunning because you want to be cool you’re gimping yourself.

Max out pneumatic burst if you don’t have it already and get more hp from mastery bar points!

Honestly at this point in time cunning kind’v sucks. I’m on my 3rd lvl 85 blademaster after many months, I only put 15 points into cunning and the rest into physique and I consider her my best. The cunning didn’t even change my damage that much or increase my OA much at all. The health and defensive ability of phys is much better with proper setup you will still do a fuck load of damage

There is a Blademaster build on the forum with 0 Physique (link - in case your going Blademaster ofc)

The “rule of thumb” sadly follows the same idea of Diablo 2 (enough str/dex/int for gear and the rest vitality // enough cun/dex/spi for gear and the rest physique). Can you make a pure cunning character? Yes. Will it be worth it? Imo no, the dps will only me slightly higher, but your frustration won’t make it worth.

Honestly, I think the game needs a revamp with the attributes, but there’s enough talk about it already. In the end, focus on doing something that’s fun!

Thank you very much fellows. No man, being cool is not my intenion, i just thought the cunning belongs best to a Nightblade, and it was interesting to try a character with only damage and no survivability, but now it’s getting hard, so without defense…no chance…
I nearly deleted my char but then I saw there are more than 80levels so I can put now the rest of the points in physique…

A Blademaster without cunning sounds really weird, but thanks for the link… This guy i know from some really fantastic videos Ive seen…
Thank you guys,


I put a suggestion in another thread. Give two attribute points per level that give 6 points each worth a stat. Put a cap of 120 added to any attribute

120×6 = 720
87×8= 696

84×2= 168 attribute points from leveling. This would leave 48 points to put elsewhere and give a little variety.

This could help with several things:

Your physique, health and DA would be a little more than putting all points into physique now.
You can cap out physique by level 60 or 61 which should be enough to wear tons of armor when it drops as opposed to having to wait a level or two.
Possibly reduce armor requirements for physique a little more
You then get to spend some points into Cunning and Spirit to enhance your character.

But isnt it shit if something is changed/ patched and theres no way to reset the attributes?

So we would have to make a new char, isnt it like that?

I have a level 58 character that did something very similar to that build and only put points into Cunning. It was fine throughout Normal, but I was getting crushed in Elite. I’m finally putting points into Physique, and it’s going much better. Still tough since I sort of gimped myself from the beginning, but it’s manageable for a softcore character.

I think you’d be fine doing 1:1 Cunning:Physique as you level. Or, as said above, put only put what you need in Cunning for gear and put everything else into Physique.

Yep, that’s how it works now. But if attributes are changed in some way, maybe the patch would allow us to redistribute points? If not, mod tools are coming…