No CD aegis

I think it would be awesome if there were a shield added to the game that removed the cd from aegis at the cost of a total damage and weapon damage penalty similar to PB or SJ. (And perhaps reduced radius or targets if that was required for balance)

I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I believe a lot of players would enjoy a build like this. Especially so, if the item allowed support of several damage types.


I played a lot of shield spam in D3 so I would welcome it.


Great idea :slight_smile:

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Hey, ABB spam happened. Spite happened. It’s not that far fetched. But please make it for at least the decent nonretal damage types that oathkeeper supports i.e. phys, acid, fire. If it turns out to be either a bad damage type (chaos) or on an MI (which rolls a lot of retal affixes) then I won’t like it

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Great idea! :smiley:
It would certainly need a %retal damage reduction modifier aswell.

Zantai: did you say cold AoM spam? Done and done!

I love spam attack skills and don’t like pure cooldown casters so this is so hard up my alley I’ll proudly fap in the middle of the room

Also would remind me of playing captain america in marvel heroes! (although the real idea thread needs to be a version of midtown madness in Grim Dawn)


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