No more quests to do .. stuck in game (normal)


been travelling to the whole game, trough necropolis…

have done tons of bounty for all the factions, but now, at level56
i’m bit stuck in the game … no more quests, only bounty.

i have found 27 shrines.

i have been talking to everyone, but apart bounty, nothing to do ? what have i miss ? do i have to set the difficulty to veteran ? how to know when the game is finished, so that i can start an higher difficulty ?

please help, it’s now boring to kill only bounty monsters…


ps: i’m playing the pure retalation/relfect warder and it’s so easy/funny.

If you beat Loghorrian, (or however you spell it) the last boss, then you quit to main menu and select elite difficulty with that character.

After you beat the last boss a text should pop up on screen informing you that the next difficulty is unlocked.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

found it …

i can now select ultimate and the games start again at devil crossing … :slight_smile:

that’s it !

thank you!!

No problem. Good luck continuing GD :smiley: