Noob Blademaster Q?

I haven’t been playing very long, and I have a question about Blademaster default attack.
I see almost every pic and video of high level Blademaster’s have a default attack with an icon that looks like a sword with some lightning around it…

what is that??? lol

I just can’t figure it out and I know it must be simple because I can’t seem to find anyone explaining it.

I’ve been using cadance as a default attack and I feel like that’s not right.

It’s called Beronath’s Fury and is granted by the materia Shard of Beronath.

It’s dropped from Nemesis spawns and pretty hard to get, requires some farming. For starters, try getting the Mistborn Talisman and use its Troll Rage as your default attack :slight_smile: It’s really good and will carry you far.

aaaahhhh okay thank you i’ve been looking at every nightblade and soldier skill trying to figure it out, lol.

I’ve still got a lot of leveling to do just trying to get my stuff straight :slight_smile:

For leveling, what’s a good main attack? I’m using cadence I guess mainly to have something to set my Falcons on.

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cadence is perfectly fine until you get a mistborn talisman. The recipe drops from the troll boss in smugglers pass. gl :slight_smile:

thanks, i’ll have to get that.

more noob questions… figure i’ll keep em to this post.

Attribute points as I level.

I’ve been putting most into cunning in physique, putting more in cunning…

how much should I throw into spirit?

what’s the normal balance people do?