Noob Errors

I thought I would make this thread to help those who are new to modding like myself avoid doing silly things. Please if everyone who has ever wasted hours on something only to find out your mistake was a simple button click away post it here to help others.

If you are making a mastery mod and have got to the point where you want to make a skill bound to another e.g. a skill modifier (in the same fashion as blitz >>> Laceration), don’t do what I did.

I assumed in the skill template [SkillDependancy] meant just that, this skill would be linked to what ever skill you had it linked to, as my above example.

Upon doing this I had a skill that for some bizarre reason was dependant on two skills and one which I hadn’t even linked. I thought it was a bug because I had copied the skill from a default one in game. I wasted over two hours deleting and recreating brand new skills.

It turns out that if you are using a Skill_modifier template MAKE SURE YOU DO THE FOLLOWING.

In [Skill]/[Yourclass]/ classtree_yourclassname make sure that the skill modifier is directly below the skill you want it to be dependant on. Otherwise it will link to which ever skill it is below plus any that you link to in[SkillDependancy] .

Like I said, probably a noob mistake, but I spent hour wracking my as to why my skill had suddenly decided to link it self to a completely unassociated skill.

I have since learnt that the order you list skills in to in classtree_youclassname is unimportant as to the order of the actual skills e.g. skill01 skill02 skill03 etc… Where as I previously thought that they were meant to be in the same order and in fact you needn’t even link it in [SkillDependancy] if doing it this way… unless you want it to rely on multiple skills.