Nosferattis +1 to all skills for a mastery that doesnt benefit much from the item

The belt has the following properties (Using the Mythical version as an example):

+106% Bleeding damage
+3% OA
28% Vitality resistance
22% Bleeding resistance
+5% Max Bleeding resistance
+1 to all skills in Occultist

Bonus to pets:
+27 Bleeding Damage over 3 seconds
100% reduced stun and mind control duration

The choice of +1 to all skills in Occultist instead of Shaman seems strange, even though both Shaman & Occultist have RR skills for bleed damage.

  1. Occultist only has blooding pox as a skill that does bleeding damage, and I wouldnt consider bloody pox as a main damage dealing skill for bleeding type damage in practice.
  2. None of the pets under occultist (Hellhound/Raven) do bleeding damage.

It appears that it would make a lot more sense to be changed to +1 to all Shaman skills instead.

  1. Shaman has primal strike/savagery as main damage dealing skill with bleed damage,
  2. It has devouring swarm/grasping vines that do bleed damage as a support skill.
  3. The exclusive skill, Primal Bond boost bleeding damage for both player and pets as well
  4. Both Shaman pets (Briarthorn & Primal Spirit) deal bleed damage.

Summoners need every single +x to all skills we can get from items. Wouldnt want to see this one in a less than ideal mastery

It’s for a pet Conjuror. If you’re not playing a pet Conjuror, go use something else.

Did you bother to read the post before replying? He’s talking about pets - and unless something’s changed in the game recently as far as I know Shaman/Occultist makes a Conjurer. :rolleyes:

It still looks way too poor and doesn’t fit to an occultist. Shaman would do WAY better job with it. Restricting it to conjurers doesn’t help. What if you want to make a ritualist with bleed? Won’t work because you lose too much by the +1 to occultist.

I’d suggest getting rid/lowering OA or +5 to max bleeding res and add +1 shaman.

Yes exactly, the item is mostly restricted to pet Conjurers in its current state, hence why OP is proposing changes that would make it usable not only by Conjurers but also by other pet shaman combos. :eek:

Even if you are using a pet conjurer, something else would probably be a better choice imo. The thing needs a straight up buff.

No, because you only swap to this belt for mind control. Even on bleed pet builds this belt is strictly worse than Shadowfiend Cord.

Until I read the mind control reduction part of this belt, I didn’t even knew Mind Control existed in this game. Which Mobs/bosses have Mind Control?


Kaisan doesn’t have MC

Sentinel, Karroz, Bolvar and Loghorrean however do.