Not building some roads

First, he laid 1 road, they started building and did not finish it, he laid 2 road, it was done, but 1 remained unfinished. And this despite the fact that the builder walks around doing nothing

Which version of the game are you on? Just had a hotfix, but not sure if roads were in that or not. Hotfix is v0.7.5b.

Just the same on 0.7.5b, I first started

Could you please send this save to [email protected]?

Saves are located in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\Farthest Frontier\Save

Zip up the entire TownName_###### folder along with the .map file and .sav that reproduces the issue.


I noticed some road building and upgrading wonkiness in a more developed town in 0.7.4. Laborers/builders would take an extreme amount of time or outright refused to upgrade roads, and it’s too ticky-tack to go in and prioritize each road segment to try to speed up the process.

Alas, the problem is no more. When I continued the game, the problem was solved, the road was built. Next time, if a similar situation arises, I will immediately send a save to the mail.

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