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I decided to build the occultist shaman(Curse of Frailty,Possession,Solael’s Witchfire,Primal Strike(Thunderous Strike),Devouring Swarm,Wendigo Totem,Grasping Vines) through two-handed ranged weapon through health damage.I looked at the base of the two-handed small arms and found that the only weapon is .
Why there is no more choice?Why there is no legendary weapon?After all, there is the same two-handed melee weapon through the damage to health.

Also there is a second character (necromancer shaman). It is a melee warrior through damage with two-handed weapons (I use health damage). There is a green and legendary weapon, but I would also like a mythical two-handed to close combat, you can even a set of things (there is a good mythical kit on the necromancer, but it’s useless, since he’s on one-handed weapons).

FG is coming out soon and I guess most of the new weapons have already been done. If you get what you want there then good, but if you don’t we won’t be able to do anything cause it’s likely that FG is the last major content that Crate pumps out for GD.

Clearly. So there’s no point in writing more about the shortcomings of the game on the forum?

I’m pretty ignorant it seems. WTF is a two-handed small arm?

Don’t worry, if this is something common, I am as stupid as you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure its a bad translation for ‘ranged weapon’

That said it seems you are trying to build a dead on arrival idea (vitality based primal strike) i doubt it’ll ever work as that isn’t a normal nor set supported damage type for primal strike.

Far as i know primal strike really only gets 2 flavors, lightening and aether

Yes,ranged weapon:)

I mean, I do not understand?For primal strike, you can make any damage. As for health damage, we have three abilities that reduce resistance to health damage.

Idk about ranged, but for 2h you have


you can convert some lightning to vitality dmg(i assume this is what you mean by health?) with this

or this

However Primal strike does not cater to vitality damage much. Savagery can do more in that regard at the moment and you can do good boulds with that as a ritualist or even conjurer

Prim as l strike deals %weapon damage (could be anything true…) and physical damage (easy enough to convert) and TONS of lightning damage - in fact all 3 nodes of primal strike give flat lightning - this is going to be pretty hard to convert. In addition basically all items that give skill bonuses to primal strike are lightning based.

Without 75% or better lightning to vitality conversion you’ll just end up with a weak single target and almost no AoE attack if you try and build primal strike non-lightning (or aether, with the right neck item)

I need a ranged weapon.And just as full damage, not 25%.

lightning is just additional damage. We have over -100% reduction in health resistance.
So we will inflict a lot of damage (including through the constellation for damage to health(vitality damage)

  1. it would be a tremendous task to include legendaries for all possible class combos and damage types and damage conversions

  2. Here are two suitable 2H Epic ranged

Then there are many amulets that have physical->vit conversion and you also have Haunted steel component.

Also there are some chaos -> Vit conversion (if you use solael witchfire and/or possession)

Didn’t say that. I said it’s probably fruitless, but never said you shouldn’t talk about it. If you care then go talk about it. No one’s stopping you.