Not Just Cows & a couple of other suggestions

Hi Crate
Loving the game, but there are a few things either niggling me or where I can see scope to improve:. A couple of these I realise may be harder to implement. But anyway, here goes:

(1) Cows & barns are fine, but why not chickens (with eggs & meat), ducks too(?), pigs, sheep &/or goats?

(2) The Rat Catcher issue many others have commented on already and I concur that forever shifting work areas for these are a hassle. Why not use the Compost Yard collector algorithm to hunt down rats?

(3) Minimap: in addition to the back to Town Centre button, it’d be good to have the option of a minimap in the corner where you can click to jump around map

(4) I appreciate that this might require more work with map algorithms, but having rivers or streams plus bridges (and possibility of fish traps in streams?) would be nice. After all, the screen shown whilst waiting to load a game has rivers and streams in it! (maybe for longer term)

(5) In pacifist mode, it would still be nice to have boars or other animals to hunt. But with a “no raiders” option separated.

(6) Ploughs & workhorses/ oxen: for farming, would it be possible to have a system with horses or oxen combined with ploughs to increase farming efficiency? (this maybe another for the longer term wishlist)

And finally, many thanks for what you’ve accomplished already!

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All of these have been suggested several times already.

As for water based things

Whether of any others of your suggestions will be implemented we’ll just have to wait and see.

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