Notification stuck and can't close

At start of game was clicking right and left click messages, one got bugged, not sure exactly how. Its been there since start of game, can’t close.

Message Housing shortage!

Had the same problem in all the games I’ve tried. When a new notification comes up – for instance, “Food stocks are low!” – it will appear in a bubble above the one that’s stuck. If you click on that, then click to dismiss, it will get rid of the stuck one as well. Hope that works for you!

Happened to me too (but with food fortunately, so was able to get rid of it).

When the round notification appears in the top left and you click on it, this message appears to explain what it is all about. You then need to click again on the round notification to make it disappear.
If the round notification is not there anymore, you have no way to get rid of the message.

So with food it re-appeared and I was able to click and get rid of the message, but for housing I guess that your only solution is to remove all houses to get the notification again and rebuild them afterwards.

And of course, hopefully devs will add a way of getting rid of the message by right clicking on it.

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