Now that there is Gamepad support, can we please have WASD movement?

Considering the game now supports gamepads for moving, fighting and everything else, all the old technical objections to WASD movement are obsolete.

Moving with a gamepad is like WASD, just more advanced. And it is in the game. And it works.

Since it is possible to do this much more advanced thing, can we please have the more simple WASD movement implemented as well, while retaining the mouse for everything else as usual? As an option, just like the gamepad is. So the diehard mouse clickers don’t get an aneurysm. :slight_smile:

It has been requested on numerous occasions both here and on other forums.

Thank you for reading. It really will make the game even more awesome!

Actually WASD is a much more advanced request and very unlikely to happen.

The controller support we do have is pretty much 100% something our programmer did on the side.

The same system that lets the left thumbstick send you in any direction, cannot be repurposed to 4(8) directions with key presses?

Sounds very strange.

You could use AutoHotkey to remap keyboard keys to controller input. It might be a bit clunky, but it’s an option.

And it works pretty well, so props to him. Improved menu navigation would be nice, as would improved camera look when turning around using the right stick, it’s a bit choppy and causes some frame rate drops from my experience. But for a side project it works well enough, which makes me wonder how good it could be with a little more focus. I’m currently playing Victor Vran which has excellent controller support, if you get it anywhere near that level I’d be very happy.

Rhis is the man!