Oathkeeper Builds

I am leveling currently an Oathkeeper as its always a class I find myself coming back to now I have been torn between what kind of build to go for…I am thinking either Acid/Poison with a sentinel (Maybe Chaos) or something Fire or Fire/Physical based like a Shieldbreaker or POSSIBLY Warlord I would say Paladin but I had a poor experience with that combo though it was just my second Oathkeeper build. Can you make a Fire/Physical Warlord or Fire Retaliation warlord or are those best for Shieldbreaker and how is a Sentinel with a shield?

You can make all sorts of builds with Oathkeeper. Have a look at what’s possible in the Build Compendium. There are even some beginner builds in there.

Reason I asked here instead of going there is I tend to do better with discussions over long lists with all that info tends to overwhelm me and make choosing even MORE difficult.

I have acid/poison sentinel, physical warlord and fire sheildbreaker, sheildbreaker is the most fun IMO

Just to give some actual examples which i play atm.

Warlord, physical + internal trauma

Paladin, fire + burn, aka Captain America, better call it Captain Flamerica, the hottest shielmaiden in game.

I ended up going shieldbreaker have made it a retaliation type build which is…Interesting not the typical build that’s for sure that and some shield skills. I have a feeling this is going to be a point starved build ha ha.