Obligatory introduction thread!

Hello all, like some of the others, ive been paying attention to these forums for 3 or 4 months now and finally decided to join the conversation. Like others, i bought the lengendary edition when i first went on the Grim Dawn website and learned i could join alpha. I was an avid Titan Quest player, made it through the game + expansion 1.5 times and needed more TQ.

Welcome aboard than, enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the forum and i hope you’ll enjoy. :wink:

Hello dicipleofthelie,

Great to have more [post=32706]support for the RPG faction[/post] on this board. What’s the story behind your nick? Do you happen to like Iced Earth (see track #3)?

Welcommen :smiley:

That is amazing. You are the first person I’ve met that knows where that nick comes from. The “unique” spelling is because I didn’t pay attention to how i spelled it back in highschool and it kind of stuck.

I own that very CD … although I’m not very fond of it … but this title left its mark.

Hello and welcome to the forum! We thank you for your support. :smiley:

Once I saw you guys were making a TQ successor, the decision was out of my hands.