Oblivion Relic Skill -DANG

Just swapped to Oblivion with my Chaos Cadence guy…And dang, that is a really, really sick skill. It’ll only get better once I equip the nice 2H I’ve got waiting.

Seriously, I could just build FOR this skill, it’s huge damage. I almost feel like I should stop using Cadence at all, and just spam the skill. It’s nuking pretty much everything I come across.

Yea, that one is pretty sick and underused. I heard rumors about it being nerfed soon, though, so investing into a build for it might be a waste of time. Not 100% though.

Chaos Cadence is shit though, Brimstone dual wield is the way to go for chaos builds imo.

What? :eek:

Don’t quite get what is so powerful about it. It’s nice vs trash but that’s all. It also has a 3 sec CD so i don’t see the abuse. If the rumor you heard is true the it confirms for me that these days stuff is being nerfed just for being functional. I hardly use that relic, with a nerf I probably won’t touch it.

See no logic in Oblivion’s nerf. The relic is rarely used.

And @GC, chaos WB is anything but trash.

It’s awful compared to physical Cadence WB, and plays the same way, so I don’t see what is there even to argue?

Style? :stuck_out_tongue: If only Abomination proc wasn’t on kill

Chaos Cadence could have been much better if one of the main enemy factions didn’t highly resist it. Plus, the rather low amount of sources of resist reduction for Chaos. That and i wish Abominable Might procced on attack or on crit instead on enemy death.

I did make a 2H Chaos Cadence with really good results.

there’s reason to argue because you say its garbage, which it is not.
Just because something isn’t as good as something else doesn’t make it garbage.
To be garbage it would have to be unable to beat the content (which it can quite easily and at a pretty good speed)

My Chaos Cadence can kill all Nemesis in around 30-40 secs on Ultimate. Didn’t know that was considered garbage.

Edit: A lot of people are going to hate this suggestion, but i would change Black Star of Deceit debuff from the current flat all resist to -20% to Chaos and maybe to Vitality (i think Vitality has enough debuffs already though). It just makes sense with Black Star of Deceit stats, plus it would give another good source of Chaos resist debuff.

Every time someone mentions Chaos focused builds on the forum, the same comment arises “Enemies resist it”…So? A, you’re running resist reducers anyways, it’s not like they’re immune. B,…So I have to shoot a few extra times. Big whoop. I’m not fond of farming Bastion anyway, so…Clearing it a little slower doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

At the end of the day…I’ve yet to see a single damage type (not DOT), that is unusable in Grim Dawn. And Cadence can do basically anything and get away with it. Aether, Chaos, Elemental mixes, and Physical all work just fine with Cadence, it’s basically the generic attack skill for everything.

You should know certain members of this forum paint in hyperbole by this point

Whoever told you that is lying.

Except there’s a lot more physical resist reduction sources than there’s Chaos resist reduction sources. This couple with the fact that one of the main enemy factions heavily resist it makes it one of the worst damage types. Aether suffers the same exact issue. And it’s not just a few more hits, it can make traversing several areas in the game annoying because how much longer it takes to kill the enemies.

This is why physical damage builds are so popular these days because it’s so easy to heavily reduce their physical resist.

I don’t get where the controversy comes from.

Physical Cadence WB whacks things with a stick and relies on procs for aoe.

Chaos Cadence WB whacks things with a stick and relies on procs for aoe.

Physical version has two built-in resistance reductions, and another two readily available (Black Matriarch ring and Assassin’s Mark, both of which fit the build like a glove)

Chaos is the worst damage type in the game because there are almost no good resistance reductions in the game and a third of Crucible and one entire act of the main game resist it heavily. The only available sources of chaos resist reduction are Eldrich Fire which requires green devotion you don’t want and actively screws you trough mana burn reflect and Mark of Solael, which is a weapon augment. They add up to 30, whooptie fucking doo. Casters recieve some additional options though.

Cadence line does physical already, so do soldier wps. Solael’s Witchfire does chaos, so you lose effectiveness there I guess.

To make a chaos version, you need to stack conversion, and chaos doesn’t even have a 10% conversion ammy like lightning and such. Physical and chaos don’t mix well, both in terms of items, attributes and constellations, so a hybrid is out of the question. You can’t simply rely on flat chaos bonuses since they are extremely weak.

Physical has a straight forward devotion path with the best melee procs in the game (poison can compete tho).

Chaos has shit constellations which are all over the place and no procs.

Menhir’s Bastion is insane.

Possession is not horrible now that it doesn’t drain mana, but nothing to write home about.

Why would any sane person do chaos Cadence, except for a challenge/roleplay? And why does every thread these days devolve into people trying to convince others that melee chaos (aside from Brimstone) is a good idea? It’s not.

Here’s a challenge: post a chaos-based build. Not something that does <33% in chaos like Fire strike pyro, something where chaos is the primary damage source. I’m willing to bet that I can find a buld that fits the same archetype that is already posted as a guide on the forums and which beats the chaos version on every single metric.

Who the fuck cares?

I have a Cadence build for each damage type. Physical is best. I still play the other ones decently often, if not more often than the Physical one.


Except you tried to imply Chaos Cadence is bad, as in it performs poorly which is very wrong. I can kill Benn’Jhar, the Nemesis with the highest Chaos resist, in less than a minute. Every other Nemesis drops faster than that.

Is physical Cadence the best one? Yes. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be great with other damage types. Because if we go by your logic, everybody should just use Physical Cadence for melee since it trumps every other melee build.

Pretty much what everyone before me said. While i enjoy immensely enjoy my Chaos Pyro, Chaos Cadence is nice though i killed that build recently and respeced it to something else :slight_smile:

And yet none of this makes chaos cadence garbage like you said it was.
Michael Jordan was better then Kobe Bryant was but yet Kobe Bryant was still pretty damn good. But by your logic he’s garbage since MJ is better

Movement speed, physical cadence WB is slow as fuck and I would personally trade some single target dmg for movement speed in most cases, in this one for sure. Not to mention that chaos cadence WB has much higher OA and crit dmg and that compensates much of lacking rr.

Plz tell me that you are joking for this.

My FS pyro has roughly 75% chaos dmg.