Obsidian Viable ?

Hey all,

THIS ITEM has been on my long list of builds to try for a long time.

I went first for a Pyromancer but couldn’t find balance between damage, defence and especially energy management.

So I tried a Warlock instead. I can spam Obsidian Tremor easily with high energy leech.

With Maiven’s SP, Posession, BoD and MoE as an emergency red button and the Devotions (Charriot, Ghoul and Giant’s Blood), I tought this would be good enough. It feels quite squishy and Lokarr just rekt me.

Any thoughts ?

I’ll pm you my build once i make it home. Never got around to posting it, but it is 170 viable with x4buff.

I saw this pyro build in the Compendium:

Obsidian Tremor

One has quite a few MIs and another uses parts of the darkblaze. This is likely what you are refering to.

I’m curious: did you test anything similar? I’m not suggesting that you should, but just interested to know how it went. I did browse over those builds without much thought. They had energy issues?

Lmao. Just made a post about this.


I’ve tried messing around with a 'lock as well, but I don’t think it’s viable. I’m both simultaneously surprised and unsurprised that valinov made it work.

He is Valinov after all.

Can you PM me the build too valinov?

Try a chaos purifier then. :slight_smile: Demo 33% chaos res, inq 25% chaos res, devotion 35% + acid spray 28. Total of 121 chaos RR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not enough %chaos damage unfortunately.

Also, you miss out on a fat load of chaos damage from solael’s witch fire, possession, AND blood of dreeg.

P.S. This was what I was trying to pilot - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR4pwv2


You calling me a monkey, bro?


Sure it will be later. Work for another 6 hours at least

A telepathic monkey, yes :wink:

Cool builds - I used this based on an old Aether Clairvoyant Juggernaut build way back. Fun, but it definitely needs cast speed. Maybe add cast speed to SWB as well?